Certificates Included in the 429 Offerings

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List of Eligible CUSIPs

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Live Represented Tranches

CWALT 2005-46CB A19 12668ABC8
CWALT 2005-51 1A1 12668ACG8
CWALT 2005-51 2A1 12668ACP8
CWALT 2005-51 4A1 12668AQH1
CWALT 2005-56 3A1 12668AGW9
CWALT 2005-56 4A1 12668AHA6
CWALT 2005-59 1A1 12668AEV3
CWALT 2005-59 1A2A 12668AEW1
CWALT 2005-62 1A1 12668ATN5
CWALT 2005-62 2A1 12668ATT2
CWALT 2005-63 3A1 12668AXF7
CWALT 2005-72 A1 12668A3N3
CWALT 2005-76 2A1 12668BDE0
CWALT 2005-76 3A1 12668BDJ9
CWALT 2005-81 A1 12668BBN2
CWALT 2005-J10 1A10 12667G4R1
CWALT 2005-J5 1A4 12667GHD8
CWALT 2005-J7 1A2 12667GF40
CWALT 2006-28CB A8 02147TAH9
CWALT 2006-2CB A3 12668BLC5
CWALT 2006-33CB M 02148BAG9
CWALT 2006-43CB 1A6 02149FAF1
CWALT 2006-HY12 A1 02146PAA3
CWALT 2006-OA2 A1 126694R75
CWALT 2006-OA2 A2A 126694R83
CWALT 2007-22 2A16 02151BBG2
CWALT 2007-24 A4 02151GAD9
CWHEL 2005-H 2A 126685AP1
CWHL 2005-23 A1 126694GU6
CWHL 2005-29 A1 126694TD0
CWHL 2005-HYB8 4A1 126694QJ0
CWHL 2005-HYB9 3A2A 126670JY5
CWHL 2006-1 A2 126694XC7
CWHL 2006-1 A3 126694XD5
CWHL 2006-3 1A1 126694YJ1
CWHL 2006-HYB3 3A1A 1266944E5
CWHL 2006-HYB3 2A1A 1266943Y2
CWHL 2006-HYB4 1A2 125431AF3
CWHL 2006-HYB5 2A1 170256AD3
CWHL 2007-3 A12 12543RAM1
CWHL 2007-5 A2 12544VAB5
CWL 2005-11 AF1 126670CF3
CWL 2005-12 2A2 126670EF1
CWL 2005-7 AF2 126673Y55
CWL 2005-AB3 2A1 126670BN7
CWL 2006-11 1AF3 12666TAC0
CWL 2006-15 A3 12666UAC7
CWL 2006-24 2A1 23243HAB7
CWL 2006-3 2A1 126670VX3
CWL 2006-4 2A1 126670WS3
CWL 2006-6 2A1 126670ZK7
CWL 2006-9 1AF3 12666RAC4
CWL 2006-S2 A2 126685DW3
CWL 2006-S3 A2 23242MAB7
CWL 2006-S5 A1 126683AA9
CWL 2006-S6 A2 126684AB5
CWL 2006-S7 A3 12668VAC3
CWL 2006-S9 A3 12668GAC6

Dismissed Represented Tranches

CWALT 2005-17 1A1 12667GRV7
CWALT 2005-17 2A1 12667GSB0
CWALT 2005-17 2B1 12667GTA1
CWALT 2005-24 2A1A 12667GNV1
CWALT 2005-24 4A1 12667GPB3
CWALT 2005-44 1A1 12667G3L5
CWALT 2005-44 2A1 12667G3S0
CWALT 2005-56 1A1 12668AGN9
CWALT 2005-61 2A1 12668AVP7
CWALT 2005-J12 2A1 12668ASY2
CWALT 2005-J4 2A2B 12667GNE9
CWALT 2006-OA10 1A1 02146QAA1
CWALT 2006-OA11 A4 02147DAU5
CWALT 2006-OA17 1A1A 12668PAA0
CWALT 2006-OA19 A1 12668RAA6
CWALT 2006-OA21 A1 23245QAA7
CWALT 2006-OC5 2A2A 02147HAC6
CWALT 2006-OC8 2A1B 232434AW0
CWALT 2006-OC9 A2B 23245GAC5
CWALT 2007-5CB 1A31 02150EBG7
CWALT 2007-HY5R 2A1A 02150WAA1
CWALT 2007-J1 3A1 02149MCH0
CWALT 2007-OA7 1A1 126680AA5
CWHEL 2005-F 2A 126685AK2
CWHEL 2005-G 2A 126685AM8
CWHEL 2005-K 2A1 126685AU0
CWHEQ 2006-S8 A2B 12668XAB1
CWHEQ 2006-S9 A2B 12668GAB8
CWHEQ 2007-E A 12670TAA8
CWHL 2005-31 2A1 126694UL0
CWHL 2005-HYB6 1A1 126694BE7
CWHL 2005-HYB6 2A1 126694BH0
CWHL 2006-3 2A1 126694YM4
CWHL 2006-OA5 2A1 126694M96
CWHL 2006-OA5 3A1 126694N46
CWHL 2007-10 A22 12545CAX8
CWHL 2007-16 A1 12544MAA7
CWHL 2007-HY1 1A1 12544EAA5
CWHL 2007-HY5 3A1 12544BAE3
CWHL 2007-HYB1 2A1 22239EAD8
CWHL 2007-HYB2 3A1 125438AB7
CWL 2005-10 AF4 126670AD0
CWL 2005-11 AF3 126670CH9
CWL 2005-12 2A1 126670EE4
CWL 2005-13 3AV3 126670HG6
CWL 2005-13 3AV4 126670HH4
CWL 2005-13 AF4 126670GR3
CWL 2005-13 AF6 126670GT9
CWL 2005-17 1AF1 126670QR2
CWL 2005-17 4AV1 126670RA8
CWL 2005-IM2 IM2 126670EZ7
CWL 2005-4 AF5B 126673N81
CWL 2005-6 2A2 126673X64
CWL 2005-6 M4 126673W57
CWL 2005-7 3AV2 1266732E1
CWL 2005-AB3 2A2A 126670BP2
CWL 2005-BC3 2A2 1266733A8
CWL 2005-IM1 A1 1266733V2
CWL 2005-IM1 A2 1266733W0
CWL 2005-IM3 A1 126670JB5
CWL 2006-11 1AF4 12666TAD8
CWL 2006-11 3AV1 12666TAH9
CWL 2006-12 2A1 12667AAB2
CWL 2006-15 A1 12666UAA1
CWL 2006-15 A6 12666UAG8
CWL 2006-16 2A1 23242FAB2
CWL 2006-17 2A1 12666VAB7
CWL 2006-18 2A1 23243WAB4
CWL 2006-19 2A1 12667CAB8
CWL 2006-22 2A1 12666BAB1
CWL 2006-23 2A1 12666CAB9
CWL 2006-3 2A2 126670VY1
CWL 2006-3 M2 126670WD6
CWL 2006-5 2A2 126670YG7
CWL 2006-6 2A2 126670ZL5
CWL 2006-9 1AF6 12666RAF7
CWL 2006-BC1 1A 126670XM5
CWL 2006-BC1 2A1 126670XN3
CWL 2006-IM1 A2 126670SP4
CWL 2007-1 2A1 23245CAB6
CWL 2007-11 2A1 23247LAA6
CWL 2007-13 2A1 126698AC3
CWL 2007-S1 A1B 12669RAL1
CWALT 2005-38 A1 12667GY98
CWL 2005-4 AF3 126673N57
CWALT 2005-61 1A1 12668AVL6
CWALT 2005-85CB 2A5 12668BEK5
CWALT 2006-OC8 2A1A 232434AB6
CWALT 2007-AL1 A1 02150NAA1
CWHEL 2005-L A 126685BA3
CWL 2007-5 2A1 12668KAB9
CWL 2007-6 2A1 12669LAB6
CWHL 2006-HYB2 1A2 126694C71
CWALT 2005-43 5A2 12668AAY1
CWHL 2006-12 A2 125432AF1
CWALT 2007-1T1 1A1 23246KAA9
CWALT 2007-12T1 1A47 02150LCH8
CWHL 2007-J2 2A4 12545EAE6
CWHL 2007-17 3A1 12544KAJ2
CWALT 2007-25 1A4 02151UAT3
CWHL 2005-HYB4 2A1 12669GM24
CWALT 2005-11CB 2A8 12667GJL8
CWALT 2005-26CB A6 12667GTS2
CWALT 2005-38 A3 12667GZ30
CWALT 2005-46CB A20 12668ABD6
CWL 2005-5 2A1 126673U59
CWL 2005-9 2A1 1266736B3
CWL 2005-4 3AV1 126673Q47
CWL 2005-6 2A1 126673X56
CWL 2005-9 2A2 1266736C1
CWALT 2005-J10 1A16 12668ABN4

Dismissed Unrepresented Tranches

CWALT 2005-10CB 1A1 12667GAW3
CWALT 2005-10CB 1A2 12667GAX1
CWALT 2005-10CB 1A3 12667GAY9
CWALT 2005-10CB 1A4 12667GAZ6
CWALT 2005-10CB 1A5 12667GBA0
CWALT 2005-10CB 1A6 12667GBB8
CWALT 2005-10CB 1A7 12667GBC6
CWALT 2005-10CB 1A8 12667GBD4
CWALT 2005-10CB 1A9 12667GBE2
CWALT 2005-10CB 1A10 12667GBF9
CWALT 2005-10CB 2A1 12667GBJ1
CWALT 2005-10CB PO 12667GBK8
CWALT 2005-10CB AR 12667GBL6
CWALT 2005-10CB M 12667GBM4
CWALT 2005-10CB B1 12667GBN2
CWALT 2005-10CB B2 12667GBP7
CWALT 2005-10CB B3 12667GBQ5
CWALT 2005-10CB B4 12667GBR3
CWALT 2005-10CB B5 12667GBS1
CWALT 2005-11CB B3 12667GHY2
CWALT 2005-11CB B4 12667GHZ9
CWALT 2005-11CB B5 12667GJA2
CWALT 2005-11CB 1A1 12667GJB0
CWALT 2005-11CB 1A2 12667GJC8
CWALT 2005-11CB 2A1 12667GJD6
CWALT 2005-11CB 2A2 12667GJE4
CWALT 2005-11CB 2A3 12667GJF1
CWALT 2005-11CB 2A4 12667GJG9
CWALT 2005-11CB 2A5 12667GJH7
CWALT 2005-11CB 2A6 12667GJJ3
CWALT 2005-11CB 2A7 12667GJK0
CWALT 2005-11CB 2A9 12667GJM6
CWALT 2005-11CB 2A10 12667GJN4
CWALT 2005-11CB 2A11 12667GJP9
CWALT 2005-11CB 2A12 12667GJQ7
CWALT 2005-11CB 3A1 12667GJR5
CWALT 2005-11CB 3A2 12667GJS3
CWALT 2005-11CB 3A3 12667GJT1
CWALT 2005-11CB 3A4 12667GJU8
CWALT 2005-11CB PO 12667GJV6
CWALT 2005-11CB AR 12667GJW4
CWALT 2005-11CB M 12667GJX2
CWALT 2005-11CB B1 12667GJY0
CWALT 2005-11CB B2 12667GJZ7
CWALT 2005-12R A1 12667GAP8
CWALT 2005-12R A2 12667GAQ6
CWALT 2005-12R A3 12667GAR4
CWALT 2005-12R A4 12667GAS2
CWALT 2005-12R A5 12667GAT0
CWALT 2005-12R A6 12667GAU7
CWALT 2005-12R AR 12667GAV5
CWALT 2005-13CB A1 12667GAA1
CWALT 2005-13CB A2 12667GAB9
CWALT 2005-13CB A3 12667GAC7
CWALT 2005-13CB A4 12667GAD5
CWALT 2005-13CB A5 12667GAE3
CWALT 2005-13CB A6 12667GAF0
CWALT 2005-13CB A7 12667GAG8
CWALT 2005-13CB A8 12667GAH6
CWALT 2005-13CB PO 12667GAJ2
CWALT 2005-13CB AR 12667GAK9
CWALT 2005-13CB M 12667GAL7
CWALT 2005-13CB B1 12667GAM5
CWALT 2005-13CB B2 12667GAN3
CWALT 2005-13CB B3 12667GBT9
CWALT 2005-13CB B4 12667GBU6
CWALT 2005-13CB B5 12667GBV4
CWALT 2005-14 1A1 12667GBZ5
CWALT 2005-14 1X 12667GCA9
CWALT 2005-14 2A1 12667GCB7
CWALT 2005-14 2A2 12667GCC5
CWALT 2005-14 2A3 12667GCD3
CWALT 2005-14 2X 12667GCE1
CWALT 2005-14 3A1 12667GCF8
CWALT 2005-14 3X 12667GCG6
CWALT 2005-14 4A1 12667GCH4
CWALT 2005-14 4A2 12667GCJ0
CWALT 2005-14 4X 12667GCK7
CWALT 2005-14 AR 12667GCL5
CWALT 2005-14 1M1 12667GCM3
CWALT 2005-14 1B1 12667GCN1
CWALT 2005-14 1B2 12667GCP6
CWALT 2005-14 2M1 12667GCQ4
CWALT 2005-14 2B1 12667GCR2
CWALT 2005-14 2B2 12667GCS0
CWALT 2005-14 2BX 12667GCT8
CWALT 2005-14 1B3 12667GCU5
CWALT 2005-14 1B4 12667GCV3
CWALT 2005-14 1B5 12667GCW1
CWALT 2005-14 2B3 12667GCX9
CWALT 2005-14 2B4 12667GCY7
CWALT 2005-14 2B5 12667GCZ4
CWALT 2005-16 1A1 12667GMC4
CWALT 2005-16 1A2 12667GMD2
CWALT 2005-16 1A3 12667GME0
CWALT 2005-16 1A4 12667GMF7
CWALT 2005-16 1A5 12667GMG5
CWALT 2005-16 1A6 12667GMH3
CWALT 2005-16 1X 12667GMJ9
CWALT 2005-16 2X 12667GMK6
CWALT 2005-16 AR 12667GML4
CWALT 2005-16 M1 12667GMM2
CWALT 2005-16 M2 12667GMN0
CWALT 2005-16 M3 12667GMP5
CWALT 2005-16 M4 12667GMQ3
CWALT 2005-16 M5 12667GMR1
CWALT 2005-16 B1 12667GMS9
CWALT 2005-16 B2 12667GMT7
CWALT 2005-16 B3 12667GMU4
CWALT 2005-16 B4 12667GMV2
CWALT 2005-16 B5 12667GMW0
CWALT 2005-17 2B3 12267GTF0
CWALT 2005-17 1A2 12667GRW5
CWALT 2005-17 1A3 12667GRX3
CWALT 2005-17 1X1 12667GRY1
CWALT 2005-17 1X2 12667GRZ8
CWALT 2005-17 1X3 12667GSA2
CWALT 2005-17 2A2 12667GSC8
CWALT 2005-17 2A3 12667GSD6
CWALT 2005-17 2X 12667GSE4
CWALT 2005-17 AR 12667GSF1
CWALT 2005-17 1M1 12667GSH7
CWALT 2005-17 1M2 12667GSJ3
CWALT 2005-17 1M3 12667GSK0
CWALT 2005-17 1M4 12667GSL8
CWALT 2005-17 1M5 12667GSM6
CWALT 2005-17 1M6 12667GSN4
CWALT 2005-17 1B1 12667GSQ7
CWALT 2005-17 1B2 12667GSR5
CWALT 2005-17 2M1 12667GST1
CWALT 2005-17 2B2 12667GTB9
CWALT 2005-17 1B3 12667GTC7
CWALT 2005-17 1B4 12667GTD5
CWALT 2005-17 1B5 12667GTE3
CWALT 2005-17 2B4 12667GTG8
CWALT 2005-17 2B5 12667GTH6
CWALT 2005-18CB A5 12667GFB4
CWALT 2005-18CB A6 12667GFC2
CWALT 2005-18CB A7 12667GFD0
CWALT 2005-18CB A8 12667GFE8
CWALT 2005-18CB A9 12667GFF5
CWALT 2005-18CB A10 12667GFG3
CWALT 2005-18CB PO 12667GFH1
CWALT 2005-18CB AR 12667GFJ7
CWALT 2005-18CB M 12667GFK4
CWALT 2005-18CB B1 12667GFL2
CWALT 2005-18CB B2 12667GFM0
CWALT 2005-18CB B3 12667GFN8
CWALT 2005-18CB B4 12667GFP3
CWALT 2005-18CB B5 12667GFQ1
CWALT 2005-18CB A1 12667GFU2
CWALT 2005-18CB A2 12667GFV0
CWALT 2005-18CB A3 12667GFW8
CWALT 2005-18CB A4 12667GFX6
CWALT 2005-19CB A3 12667GFY4
CWALT 2005-19CB A1 12667GFZ1
CWALT 2005-19CB A2 12667GGA5
CWALT 2005-19CB A4 12667GGB3
CWALT 2005-19CB A5 12667GGC1
CWALT 2005-19CB A6 12667GGD9
CWALT 2005-19CB PO 12667GGE7
CWALT 2005-19CB AR 12667GGF4
CWALT 2005-19CB M 12667GGG2
CWALT 2005-19CB B1 12667GGH0
CWALT 2005-19CB B2 12667GGJ6
CWALT 2005-19CB B3 12667GGK3
CWALT 2005-19CB B4 12667GGL1
CWALT 2005-19CB B5 12667GGM9
CWALT 2005-1CB 1-A-1 12667F2G9
CWALT 2005-1CB 1A2 12667F2H7
CWALT 2005-1CB 1A3 12667F2J3
CWALT 2005-1CB 1A4 12667F2K0
CWALT 2005-1CB 1A5 12667F2L8
CWALT 2005-1CB 1A6 12667F2M6
CWALT 2005-1CB 1A7 12667F2N4
CWALT 2005-1CB 1A8 12667F2P9
CWALT 2005-1CB 2-A-1 12667F2Q7
CWALT 2005-1CB 2A2 12667F2R5
CWALT 2005-1CB 2A3 12667F2S3
CWALT 2005-1CB 2A4 12667F2T1
CWALT 2005-1CB 2A5 12667F2U8
CWALT 2005-1CB 2A6 12667F2V6
CWALT 2005-1CB 2A7 12667F2W4
CWALT 2005-1CB PO 12667F2X2
CWALT 2005-1CB 3-A-1 12667F2Y0
CWALT 2005-1CB 3-X 12667F2Z7
CWALT 2005-1CB PO-B 12667F3A1
CWALT 2005-1CB 4-A-1 12667F3B9
CWALT 2005-1CB 4A2 12667F3C7
CWALT 2005-1CB 4A3 12667F3D5
CWALT 2005-1CB A-R 12667F3E3
CWALT 2005-1CB I-M-1 12667F3F0
CWALT 2005-1CB I-B-1 12667F3G8
CWALT 2005-1CB I-B-2 12667F3H6
CWALT 2005-1CB II-M-1 12667F3J2
CWALT 2005-1CB II-B-1 12667F3K9
CWALT 2005-1CB II-B-2 12667F3L7
CWALT 2005-1CB I-B-3 12667F3M5
CWALT 2005-1CB I-B-4 12667F3N3
CWALT 2005-1CB I-B-5 12667F3P8
CWALT 2005-1CB II-B-3 12667F3Q6
CWALT 2005-1CB II-B-4 12667F3R4
CWALT 2005-1CB II-B-5 12667F3S2
CWALT 2005-2 M 12667F2A2
CWALT 2005-2 B1 12667F2B0
CWALT 2005-2 B2 12667F2C8
CWALT 2005-2 B3 12667F2D6
CWALT 2005-2 B4 12667F2E4
CWALT 2005-2 B5 12667F2F1
CWALT 2005-2 1A1 12667FZ65
CWALT 2005-2 2A1 12667FZ73
CWALT 2005-2 3A1 12667FZ81
CWALT 2005-2 AR 12667FZ99
CWALT 2005-20CB 1A1 12667GPT4
CWALT 2005-20CB 1A2 12667GPU1
CWALT 2005-20CB 1A3 12667GPV9
CWALT 2005-20CB 1A4 12667GPW7
CWALT 2005-20CB 2A1 12667GPX5
CWALT 2005-20CB 2A2 12667GPY3
CWALT 2005-20CB 2A3 12667GPZ0
CWALT 2005-20CB 2A4 12667GQA4
CWALT 2005-20CB 2A5 12667GQB2
CWALT 2005-20CB 2A6 12667GQC0
CWALT 2005-20CB 2A7 12667GQD8
CWALT 2005-20CB 2A8 12667GQE6
CWALT 2005-20CB 3A1 12667GQF3
CWALT 2005-20CB 3A2 12667GQG1
CWALT 2005-20CB 3A3 12667GQH9
CWALT 2005-20CB 3A4 12667GQJ5
CWALT 2005-20CB 3A5 12667GQK2
CWALT 2005-20CB 3A6 12667GQL0
CWALT 2005-20CB 3A7 12667GQM8
CWALT 2005-20CB 3A8 12667GQN6
CWALT 2005-20CB 3A9 12667GQP1
CWALT 2005-20CB 3A10 12667GQQ9
CWALT 2005-20CB 3A11 12667GQR7
CWALT 2005-20CB 4A1 12667GQS5
CWALT 2005-20CB PO 12667GQT3
CWALT 2005-20CB AR 12667GQU0
CWALT 2005-20CB M 12667GQV8
CWALT 2005-20CB B1 12667GQW6
CWALT 2005-20CB B2 12667GQX4
CWALT 2005-20CB B3 12667GQY2
CWALT 2005-20CB B4 12667GQZ9
CWALT 2005-20CB B5 12667GRA3
CWALT 2005-21CB A1 12667GKA0
CWALT 2005-21CB A2 12667GKB8
CWALT 2005-21CB A3 12667GKC6
CWALT 2005-21CB A4 12667GKD4
CWALT 2005-21CB A5 12667GKE2
CWALT 2005-21CB A6 12667GKF9
CWALT 2005-21CB A7 12667GKG7
CWALT 2005-21CB A8 12667GKH5
CWALT 2005-21CB A9 12667GKJ1
CWALT 2005-21CB A10 12667GKK8
CWALT 2005-21CB A11 12667GKL6
CWALT 2005-21CB A12 12667GKM4
CWALT 2005-21CB A13 12667GKN2
CWALT 2005-21CB A14 12667GKP7
CWALT 2005-21CB A15 12667GKQ5
CWALT 2005-21CB A16 12667GKR3
CWALT 2005-21CB A17 12667GKS1
CWALT 2005-21CB PO 12667GKT9
CWALT 2005-21CB AR 12667GKU6
CWALT 2005-21CB M 12667GKV4
CWALT 2005-21CB B1 12667GKW2
CWALT 2005-21CB B2 12667GKX0
CWALT 2005-21CB B3 12667GKY8
CWALT 2005-21CB B4 12667GKZ5
CWALT 2005-21CB B5 12667GLA9
CWALT 2005-22T1 A1 12667GGN7
CWALT 2005-22T1 A2 12667GGP2
CWALT 2005-22T1 A3 12667GGQ0
CWALT 2005-22T1 A4 12667GGR8
CWALT 2005-22T1 PO 12667GGS6
CWALT 2005-22T1 AR 12667GGT4
CWALT 2005-22T1 M 12667GGU1
CWALT 2005-22T1 B1 12667GGV9
CWALT 2005-22T1 B2 12667GGW7
CWALT 2005-22T1 B3 12667GGX5
CWALT 2005-22T1 B4 12667GGY3
CWALT 2005-22T1 B5 12667GGZ0
CWALT 2005-22T1 A5 12667GMA8
CWALT 2005-22T1 A6 12667GMB6
CWALT 2005-23CB A1 12667GLB7
CWALT 2005-23CB A2 12667GLC5
CWALT 2005-23CB A3 12667GLD3
CWALT 2005-23CB A4 12667GLE1
CWALT 2005-23CB A5 12667GLF8
CWALT 2005-23CB A6 12667GLG6
CWALT 2005-23CB A7 12667GLH4
CWALT 2005-23CB A8 12667GLJ0
CWALT 2005-23CB A9 12667GLK7
CWALT 2005-23CB A10 12667GLL5
CWALT 2005-23CB A11 12667GLM3
CWALT 2005-23CB A12 12667GLN1
CWALT 2005-23CB A13 12667GLP6
CWALT 2005-23CB A14 12667GLQ4
CWALT 2005-23CB PO 12667GLR2
CWALT 2005-23CB AR 12667GLS0
CWALT 2005-23CB M 12667GLT8
CWALT 2005-23CB B1 12667GLU5
CWALT 2005-23CB B2 12667GLV3
CWALT 2005-23CB B3 12667GLW1
CWALT 2005-23CB B4 12667GLX9
CWALT 2005-23CB B5 12667GLY7
CWALT 2005-23CB A16 12667GMX8
CWALT 2005-23CB A15 12667GMY6
CWALT 2005-24 1A1 12667GNS8
CWALT 2005-24 1A2 12667GNT6
CWALT 2005-24 1AX 12667GNU3
CWALT 2005-24 2A2 12667GNW9
CWALT 2005-24 2AX 12667GNX7
CWALT 2005-24 3A1 12667GNY5
CWALT 2005-24 3A2 12667GNZ2
CWALT 2005-24 IIX 12667GPA5
CWALT 2005-24 4A2 12667GPC1
CWALT 2005-24 4A3 12667GPD9
CWALT 2005-24 1M 12667GPE7
CWALT 2005-24 1B1 12667GPF4
CWALT 2005-24 1B2 12667GPG2
CWALT 2005-24 1B3 12667GPH0
CWALT 2005-24 1B4 12667GPJ6
CWALT 2005-24 1B5 12667GPK3
CWALT 2005-24 2M 12667GPL1
CWALT 2005-24 2B1 12667GPM9
CWALT 2005-24 2B2 12667GPN7
CWALT 2005-24 2B3 12667GPP2
CWALT 2005-24 2B4 12667GPQ0
CWALT 2005-24 2B5 12667GPR8
CWALT 2005-24 AR 12667GPS6
CWALT 2005-24 2A1-B 12667GUY7
CWALT 2005-24 2A1-C 12667GUZ4
CWALT 2005-25T1 A1 12667GRB1
CWALT 2005-25T1 A2 12667GRC9
CWALT 2005-25T1 A3 12667GRD7
CWALT 2005-25T1 A4 12667GRE5
CWALT 2005-25T1 A5 12667GRF2
CWALT 2005-25T1 A6 12667GRG0
CWALT 2005-25T1 A7 12667GRH8
CWALT 2005-25T1 PO 12667GRJ4
CWALT 2005-25T1 AR 12667GRK1
CWALT 2005-25T1 M 12667GRL9
CWALT 2005-25T1 B1 12667GRM7
CWALT 2005-25T1 B2 12667GRN5
CWALT 2005-25T1 B3 12667GRP0
CWALT 2005-25T1 B4 12667GRQ8
CWALT 2005-25T1 B5 12667GRR6
CWALT 2005-26CB B3 12667GTJ2
CWALT 2005-26CB B4 12667GTK9
CWALT 2005-26CB B5 12667GTL7
CWALT 2005-26CB A1 12667GTM5
CWALT 2005-26CB A2 12667GTN3
CWALT 2005-26CB A3 12667GTP8
CWALT 2005-26CB A4 12667GTQ6
CWALT 2005-26CB A5 12667GTR4
CWALT 2005-26CB A7 12667GTT0
CWALT 2005-26CB A8 12667GTU7
CWALT 2005-26CB A9 12667GTV5
CWALT 2005-26CB A10 12667GTW3
CWALT 2005-26CB A11 12667GTX1
CWALT 2005-26CB PO 12667GTY9
CWALT 2005-26CB AR 12667GTZ6
CWALT 2005-26CB M 12667GUA9
CWALT 2005-26CB B1 12667GUB7
CWALT 2005-26CB B2 12667GUC5
CWALT 2005-27 1A1 12667GL76
CWALT 2005-27 1A2 12667GL84
CWALT 2005-27 1A3 12667GL92
CWALT 2005-27 1A4 12667GM26
CWALT 2005-27 1A5 12667GM34
CWALT 2005-27 1A6 12667GM42
CWALT 2005-27 1A7 12667GM59
CWALT 2005-27 1A8 12667GM67
CWALT 2005-27 1A9 12667GM75
CWALT 2005-27 1X1 12667GM83
CWALT 2005-27 1X2 12667GM91
CWALT 2005-27 1X3 12667GN25
CWALT 2005-27 2A1 12667GN33
CWALT 2005-27 2A2 12667GN41
CWALT 2005-27 2A3 12667GN58
CWALT 2005-27 2A4 12667GN66
CWALT 2005-27 2A5 12667GN74
CWALT 2005-27 2X1 12667GN82
CWALT 2005-27 2X2 12667GN90
CWALT 2005-27 3A1 12667GP23
CWALT 2005-27 3A2 12667GP31
CWALT 2005-27 3A3 12667GP49
CWALT 2005-27 3X1 12667GP56
CWALT 2005-27 3X2 12667GP64
CWALT 2005-27 AR 12667GP72
CWALT 2005-27 MX 12667GP80
CWALT 2005-27 M 12667GP98
CWALT 2005-27 B1 12667GQ22
CWALT 2005-27 B2 12667GQ30
CWALT 2005-27 B3 12667GQ48
CWALT 2005-27 B4 12667GQ55
CWALT 2005-27 B5 12667GQ63
CWALT 2005-27 1A10 12667GQ71
CWALT 2005-27 2A6 12667GQ89
CWALT 2005-27 3A4 12667GQ97
CWALT 2005-27 3A5 12667GR21
CWALT 2005-27 3X3 12667GR39
CWALT 2005-28CB 111 12667GE82
CWALT 2005-28CB 210 12667GE90
CWALT 2005-28CB 4A2 12667GF24
CWALT 2005-28CB 1A1 12667GWQ2
CWALT 2005-28CB 1A2 12667GWR0
CWALT 2005-28CB 1A3 12667GWS8
CWALT 2005-28CB 1A4 12667GWT6
CWALT 2005-28CB 1A5 12667GWU3
CWALT 2005-28CB 1A6 12667GWV1
CWALT 2005-28CB 1A7 12667GWW9
CWALT 2005-28CB 1A8 12667GWX7
CWALT 2005-28CB 1A9 12667GWY5
CWALT 2005-28CB 110 12667GWZ2
CWALT 2005-28CB 2A1 12667GXA6
CWALT 2005-28CB 2A2 12667GXB4
CWALT 2005-28CB 2A3 12667GXC2
CWALT 2005-28CB 2A4 12667GXD0
CWALT 2005-28CB 2A5 12667GXE8
CWALT 2005-28CB 2A6 12667GXF5
CWALT 2005-28CB B3 12667GXG3
CWALT 2005-28CB B4 12667GXH1
CWALT 2005-28CB B5 12667GXJ7
CWALT 2005-28CB 2A7 12667GYF4
CWALT 2005-28CB 2A8 12667GYG2
CWALT 2005-28CB 2A9 12667GYH0
CWALT 2005-28CB 3A1 12667GYJ6
CWALT 2005-28CB 3A2 12667GYK3
CWALT 2005-28CB 3A3 12667GYL1
CWALT 2005-28CB 3A4 12667GYM9
CWALT 2005-28CB 3A5 12667GYN7
CWALT 2005-28CB 3A6 12667GYP2
CWALT 2005-28CB 3A7 12667GYQ0
CWALT 2005-28CB 4A1 12667GYR8
CWALT 2005-28CB PO 12667GYS6
CWALT 2005-28CB AR 12667GYT4
CWALT 2005-28CB M 12667GYU1
CWALT 2005-28CB B1 12667GYV9
CWALT 2005-28CB B2 12667GYW7
CWALT 2005-29CB A1 12667GUD3
CWALT 2005-29CB A2 12667GUE1
CWALT 2005-29CB A3 12667GUF8
CWALT 2005-29CB A4 12667GUG6
CWALT 2005-29CB A5 12667GUH4
CWALT 2005-29CB PO 12667GUJ0
CWALT 2005-29CB AR 12667GUK7
CWALT 2005-29CB M 12667GUL5
CWALT 2005-29CB B1 12667GUM3
CWALT 2005-29CB B2 12667GUN1
CWALT 2005-29CB B3 12667GUP6
CWALT 2005-29CB B4 12667GUQ4
CWALT 2005-29CB B5 12667GUR2
CWALT 2005-29CB A6 12667GUS0
CWALT 2005-29CB A7 12667GUT8
CWALT 2005-30CB A12 12667GL27
CWALT 2005-30CB A1 12667GXK4
CWALT 2005-30CB A2 12667GXL2
CWALT 2005-30CB A3 12667GXM0
CWALT 2005-30CB A4 12667GXN8
CWALT 2005-30CB A5 12667GXP3
CWALT 2005-30CB A6 12667GXQ1
CWALT 2005-30CB A7 12667GXR9
CWALT 2005-30CB A8 12667GXS7
CWALT 2005-30CB A9 12667GXT5
CWALT 2005-30CB A10 12667GXU2
CWALT 2005-30CB A11 12667GXV0
CWALT 2005-30CB 2A1 12667GXW8
CWALT 2005-30CB PO 12667GXX6
CWALT 2005-30CB AR 12667GXY4
CWALT 2005-30CB M 12667GXZ1
CWALT 2005-30CB B1 12667GYA5
CWALT 2005-30CB B2 12667GYB3
CWALT 2005-30CB B3 12667GYC1
CWALT 2005-30CB B4 12667GYD9
CWALT 2005-30CB B5 12667GYE7
CWALT 2005-31 1A1 12667GYX5
CWALT 2005-31 1A2 12667GYY3
CWALT 2005-31 1A3 12667GYZ0
CWALT 2005-31 1X 12667GZA4
CWALT 2005-31 2A1 12667GZB2
CWALT 2005-31 2A2 12667GZC0
CWALT 2005-31 2A3 12667GZD8
CWALT 2005-31 2X 12667GZE6
CWALT 2005-31 AR 12667GZF3
CWALT 2005-31 1MX 12667GZG1
CWALT 2005-31 1M1 12667GZH9
CWALT 2005-31 1B1 12667GZJ5
CWALT 2005-31 1B2 12667GZK2
CWALT 2005-31 2MX 12667GZL0
CWALT 2005-31 2M1 12667GZM8
CWALT 2005-31 2B1 12667GZN6
CWALT 2005-31 2B2 12667GZP1
CWALT 2005-31 1B3 12667GZQ9
CWALT 2005-31 1B4 12667GZR7
CWALT 2005-31 1B5 12667GZS5
CWALT 2005-31 2B3 12667GZT3
CWALT 2005-31 2B4 12667GZU0
CWALT 2005-31 2B5 12667GZV8
CWALT 2005-32T1 A1 12667GC68
CWALT 2005-32T1 A2 12667GC76
CWALT 2005-32T1 A3 12667GC84
CWALT 2005-32T1 A4 12667GC92
CWALT 2005-32T1 A5 12667GD26
CWALT 2005-32T1 A6 12667GD34
CWALT 2005-32T1 A7 12667GD42
CWALT 2005-32T1 A8 12667GD59
CWALT 2005-32T1 A9 12667GD67
CWALT 2005-32T1 A10 12667GD75
CWALT 2005-32T1 PO 12667GD83
CWALT 2005-32T1 AR 12667GD91
CWALT 2005-32T1 M 12667GE25
CWALT 2005-32T1 B1 12667GE33
CWALT 2005-32T1 B2 12667GE41
CWALT 2005-32T1 B3 12667GE58
CWALT 2005-32T1 B4 12667GE66
CWALT 2005-32T1 B5 12667GE74
CWALT 2005-33CB B3 12667GB44
CWALT 2005-33CB B4 12667GB51
CWALT 2005-33CB B5 12667GB69
CWALT 2005-33CB A1 12667GB77
CWALT 2005-33CB A2 12667GB85
CWALT 2005-33CB PO 12667GB93
CWALT 2005-33CB AR 12667GC27
CWALT 2005-33CB M 12667GC35
CWALT 2005-33CB B1 12667GC43
CWALT 2005-33CB B2 12667GC50
CWALT 2005-34CB A1 12667GW41
CWALT 2005-34CB A2 12667GW58
CWALT 2005-34CB A3 12667GW66
CWALT 2005-34CB A4 12667GW74
CWALT 2005-34CB A5 12667GW82
CWALT 2005-34CB A6 12667GW90
CWALT 2005-34CB A7 12667GX24
CWALT 2005-34CB A8 12667GX32
CWALT 2005-34CB A9 12667GX40
CWALT 2005-34CB A10 12667GX57
CWALT 2005-34CB A11 12667GX65
CWALT 2005-34CB A12 12667GX73
CWALT 2005-34CB A13 12667GX81
CWALT 2005-34CB PO 12667GX99
CWALT 2005-34CB AR 12667GY23
CWALT 2005-34CB M 12667GY31
CWALT 2005-34CB B1 12667GY49
CWALT 2005-34CB B2 12667GY56
CWALT 2005-34CB B3 12667GY64
CWALT 2005-34CB B4 12667GY72
CWALT 2005-34CB B5 12667GY80
CWALT 2005-35CB 1A1 12667G2G7
CWALT 2005-35CB 2A1 12667G2H5
CWALT 2005-35CB 2A2 12667G2J1
CWALT 2005-35CB AR 12667G2K8
CWALT 2005-35CB PO 12667G2L6
CWALT 2005-35CB M 12667G2M4
CWALT 2005-35CB B1 12667G2N2
CWALT 2005-35CB B2 12667G2P7
CWALT 2005-35CB B3 12667G2Q5
CWALT 2005-35CB B4 12667G2R3
CWALT 2005-35CB B5 12667G2S1
CWALT 2005-35CB 1A2 12667G3H4
CWALT 2005-36 4A1 12667GA29
CWALT 2005-36 4A2 12667GA37
CWALT 2005-36 4IO 12667GA45
CWALT 2005-36 AR 12667GA52
CWALT 2005-36 2M 12667GA60
CWALT 2005-36 2B1 12667GA78
CWALT 2005-36 2B2 12667GA86
CWALT 2005-36 2B3 12667GA94
CWALT 2005-36 2B4 12667GB28
CWALT 2005-36 2B5 12667GB36
CWALT 2005-36 1A1 12667GWD1
CWALT 2005-36 1A2 12667GWE9
CWALT 2005-36 2A1A 12667GWF6
CWALT 2005-36 2A1B 12667GWG4
CWALT 2005-36 1AX 12667GWH2
CWALT 2005-36 1M 12667GWJ8
CWALT 2005-36 1B1 12667GWK5
CWALT 2005-36 1B2 12667GWL3
CWALT 2005-36 1B3 12667GWM1
CWALT 2005-36 1B4 12667GWN9
CWALT 2005-36 1B5 12667GWP4
CWALT 2005-36 2A1C 12667GZW6
CWALT 2005-36 3A1 12667GZX4
CWALT 2005-36 3A2 12667GZY2
CWALT 2005-36 3IO 12667GZZ9
CWALT 2005-37T1 A1 12667G2T9
CWALT 2005-37T1 A2 12667G2U6
CWALT 2005-37T1 A3 12667G2V4
CWALT 2005-37T1 A4 12667G2W2
CWALT 2005-37T1 A5 12667G2X0
CWALT 2005-37T1 PO 12667G2Y8
CWALT 2005-37T1 AR 12667G2Z5
CWALT 2005-37T1 M 12667G3A9
CWALT 2005-37T1 B1 12667G3B7
CWALT 2005-37T1 B2 12667G3C5
CWALT 2005-37T1 B3 12667G3D3
CWALT 2005-37T1 B4 12667G3E1
CWALT 2005-37T1 B5 12667G3F8
CWALT 2005-38 M 12667G2A0
CWALT 2005-38 B1 12667G2B8
CWALT 2005-38 B2 12667G2C6
CWALT 2005-38 B3 12667G2D4
CWALT 2005-38 B4 12667G2E2
CWALT 2005-38 B5 12667G2F9
CWALT 2005-38 A2 12667GZ22
CWALT 2005-38 A4 12667GZ48
CWALT 2005-38 A5 12667GZ55
CWALT 2005-38 A6 12667GZ63
CWALT 2005-38 1X 12667GZ71
CWALT 2005-38 MX 12667GZ89
CWALT 2005-38 AR 12667GZ97
CWALT 2005-3CB 1A1 12667FW76
CWALT 2005-3CB 1A2 12667FW84
CWALT 2005-3CB 1A3 12667FW92
CWALT 2005-3CB 1A4 12667FX26
CWALT 2005-3CB 1A5 12667FX34
CWALT 2005-3CB 1A6 12667FX42
CWALT 2005-3CB 1A7 12667FX59
CWALT 2005-3CB 1A8 12667FX67
CWALT 2005-3CB 1A9 12667FX75
CWALT 2005-3CB 1A10 12667FX83
CWALT 2005-3CB 1A11 12667FX91
CWALT 2005-3CB 1A12 12667FY25
CWALT 2005-3CB 1A13 12667FY33
CWALT 2005-3CB 1A14 12667FY41
CWALT 2005-3CB 2A1 12667FY58
CWALT 2005-3CB PO 12667FY66
CWALT 2005-3CB AR 12667FY74
CWALT 2005-3CB M 12667FY82
CWALT 2005-3CB B1 12667FY90
CWALT 2005-3CB B2 12667FZ24
CWALT 2005-3CB B3 12667FZ32
CWALT 2005-3CB B4 12667FZ40
CWALT 2005-3CB B5 12667FZ57
CWALT 2005-4 1A1 12667F6Y6
CWALT 2005-4 1A2 12667F6Z3
CWALT 2005-4 1A3 12667F7A7
CWALT 2005-4 1A4 12667F7B5
CWALT 2005-4 1A5 12667F7C3
CWALT 2005-4 1A6 12667F7D1
CWALT 2005-4 1A7 12667F7E9
CWALT 2005-4 2A1 12667F7F6
CWALT 2005-4 2A2 12667F7G4
CWALT 2005-4 2A3 12667F7H2
CWALT 2005-4 2A4 12667F7J8
CWALT 2005-4 2A5 12667F7K5
CWALT 2005-4 2A6 12667F7L3
CWALT 2005-4 2A7 12667F7M1
CWALT 2005-4 2A8 12667F7N9
CWALT 2005-4 PO 12667F7P4
CWALT 2005-4 AR 12667F7Q2
CWALT 2005-4 M 12667F7R0
CWALT 2005-4 B1 12667F7S8
CWALT 2005-4 B2 12667F7T6
CWALT 2005-4 B3 12667F7U3
CWALT 2005-4 B4 12667F7V1
CWALT 2005-4 B5 12667F7W9
CWALT 2005-40CB A1 12667G5G4
CWALT 2005-40CB PO 12667G5H2
CWALT 2005-40CB AR 12667G5J8
CWALT 2005-40CB M 12667G5K5
CWALT 2005-40CB B1 12667G5L3
CWALT 2005-40CB B2 12667G5M1
CWALT 2005-40CB B3 12667G5N9
CWALT 2005-40CB B4 12667G5P4
CWALT 2005-40CB B5 12667G5Q2
CWALT 2005-40CB A2 12668AAT2
CWALT 2005-41 AR 12667G3G6
CWALT 2005-41 2A3 12667G3K7
CWALT 2005-41 1A1 12667GR62
CWALT 2005-41 1-A-2A 12667GR70
CWALT 2005-41 1X 12667GR88
CWALT 2005-41 2A1 12667GR96
CWALT 2005-41 2A2 12667GS20
CWALT 2005-41 2X1 12667GS38
CWALT 2005-41 2X2 12667GS46
CWALT 2005-41 M 12667GS53
CWALT 2005-41 B1 12667GS61
CWALT 2005-41 B2 12667GS79
CWALT 2005-41 B3 12667GS87
CWALT 2005-41 B4 12667GS95
CWALT 2005-41 B5 12667GT29
CWALT 2005-41 1-A-2B 12667GW25
CWALT 2005-41 1-A-2C 12667GW33
CWALT 2005-42CB A1 12667G4S9
CWALT 2005-42CB A2 12667G4T7
CWALT 2005-42CB A3 12667G4U4
CWALT 2005-42CB A4 12667G4V2
CWALT 2005-42CB A5 12667G4W0
CWALT 2005-42CB A6 12667G4X8
CWALT 2005-42CB PO 12667G4Y6
CWALT 2005-42CB AR 12667G4Z3
CWALT 2005-42CB M 12667G5A7
CWALT 2005-42CB B1 12667G5B5
CWALT 2005-42CB B2 12667G5C3
CWALT 2005-42CB B3 12667G5D1
CWALT 2005-42CB B4 12667G5E9
CWALT 2005-42CB B5 12667G5F6
CWALT 2005-42CB A7 12667G7W7
CWALT 2005-42CB A8 12667G7X5
CWALT 2005-42CB A9 12667G7Y3
CWALT 2005-42CB A10 12667G7Z0
CWALT 2005-42CB A11 12667G8A4
CWALT 2005-42CB A12 12667G8B2
CWALT 2005-43 1A1 12667G5S8
CWALT 2005-43 1A2 12667G5T6
CWALT 2005-43 1A3 12667G5U3
CWALT 2005-43 2A1 12667G5V1
CWALT 2005-43 2A2 12667G5W9
CWALT 2005-43 3A1 12667G5X7
CWALT 2005-43 4A3 12667G5Y5
CWALT 2005-43 4A1 12667G5Z2
CWALT 2005-43 4A2 12667G6A6
CWALT 2005-43 AR 12667G6B4
CWALT 2005-43 M 12667G6C2
CWALT 2005-43 B1 12667G6D0
CWALT 2005-43 B2 12667G6E8
CWALT 2005-43 B3 12667G6F5
CWALT 2005-43 B4 12667G6G3
CWALT 2005-43 B5 12667G6H1
CWALT 2005-43 5A1 12668AAX3
CWALT 2005-44 1A2A 12667G3M3
CWALT 2005-44 1A2B 12667G3N1
CWALT 2005-44 1A3A 12667G3P6
CWALT 2005-44 1A3B 12667G3Q4
CWALT 2005-44 1A3C 12667G3R2
CWALT 2005-44 2A2A 12667G3T8
CWALT 2005-44 2A2B 12667G3U5
CWALT 2005-44 2A3A 12667G3V3
CWALT 2005-44 2A3B 12667G3W1
CWALT 2005-44 2A3C 12667G3X9
CWALT 2005-44 B3 12667G3Y7
CWALT 2005-44 B4 12667G3Z4
CWALT 2005-44 B5 12667G4A8
CWALT 2005-44 1X 12667G4B6
CWALT 2005-44 2X 12667G4C4
CWALT 2005-44 M 12667G4D2
CWALT 2005-44 B1 12667G4E0
CWALT 2005-44 B2 12667G4F7
CWALT 2005-44 AR 12667G5R0
CWALT 2005-45 1A1 12667G6J7
CWALT 2005-45 2A1 12667G6K4
CWALT 2005-45 3A1 12667G6L2
CWALT 2005-45 1X 12667G6M0
CWALT 2005-45 2X 12667G6N8
CWALT 2005-45 3X 12667G6P3
CWALT 2005-45 AR 12667G6Q1
CWALT 2005-45 M 12667G6R9
CWALT 2005-45 B1 12667G6S7
CWALT 2005-45 B2 12667G6T5
CWALT 2005-45 B3 12667G7Q0
CWALT 2005-45 B4 12667G7R8
CWALT 2005-45 B5 12667G7S6
CWALT 2005-46CB A1 12667G6U2
CWALT 2005-46CB A2 12667G6V0
CWALT 2005-46CB A3 12667G6W8
CWALT 2005-46CB A4 12667G6X6
CWALT 2005-46CB A5 12667G6Y4
CWALT 2005-46CB A6 12667G6Z1
CWALT 2005-46CB A7 12667G7A5
CWALT 2005-46CB A8 12667G7B3
CWALT 2005-46CB A9 12667G7C1
CWALT 2005-46CB A10 12667G7D9
CWALT 2005-46CB A11 12667G7E7
CWALT 2005-46CB A12 12667G7F4
CWALT 2005-46CB A13 12667G7G2
CWALT 2005-46CB A14 12667G7H0
CWALT 2005-46CB A15 12667G7J6
CWALT 2005-46CB PO 12667G7K3
CWALT 2005-46CB AR 12667G7L1
CWALT 2005-46CB M 12667G7M9
CWALT 2005-46CB B1 12667G7N7
CWALT 2005-46CB B2 12667G7P2
CWALT 2005-46CB B3 12667G7T4
CWALT 2005-46CB B4 12667G7U1
CWALT 2005-46CB B5 12667G7V9
CWALT 2005-46CB A16 12668AAZ8
CWALT 2005-46CB A17 12668ABA2
CWALT 2005-46CB A18 12668ABB0
CWALT 2005-46CB A21 12668ABE4
CWALT 2005-46CB A22 12668ABF1
CWALT 2005-47CB A1 12668AAA3
CWALT 2005-47CB A2 12668AAB1
CWALT 2005-47CB A3 12668AAC9
CWALT 2005-47CB A4 12668AAD7
CWALT 2005-47CB A5 12668AAE5
CWALT 2005-47CB A6 12668AAF2
CWALT 2005-47CB A7 12668AAG0
CWALT 2005-47CB A8 12668AAH8
CWALT 2005-47CB A9 12668AAJ4
CWALT 2005-47CB A10 12668AAK1
CWALT 2005-47CB A11 12668AAL9
CWALT 2005-47CB A12 12668AAM7
CWALT 2005-47CB PO 12668AAN5
CWALT 2005-47CB AR 12668AAP0
CWALT 2005-47CB M 12668AAQ8
CWALT 2005-47CB B1 12668AAR6
CWALT 2005-47CB B2 12668AAS4
CWALT 2005-47CB B3 12668AAU9
CWALT 2005-47CB B4 12668AAV7
CWALT 2005-47CB B5 12668AAW5
CWALT 2005-48T1 A1 12668AFG5
CWALT 2005-48T1 A2 12668AFH3
CWALT 2005-48T1 A3 12668AFJ9
CWALT 2005-48T1 A4 12668AFK6
CWALT 2005-48T1 A5 12668AFL4
CWALT 2005-48T1 A6 12668AFM2
CWALT 2005-48T1 PO 12668AFN0
CWALT 2005-48T1 AR 12668AFP5
CWALT 2005-48T1 M 12668AFQ3
CWALT 2005-48T1 B1 12668AFR1
CWALT 2005-48T1 B2 12668AFS9
CWALT 2005-48T1 B3 12668AFT7
CWALT 2005-48T1 B4 12668AFU4
CWALT 2005-48T1 B5 12668AFV2
CWALT 2005-48T1 A7 12668AHY4
CWALT 2005-49CB A1 12668AMF9
CWALT 2005-49CB A2 12668AMG7
CWALT 2005-49CB A3 12668AMH5
CWALT 2005-49CB A4 12668AMJ1
CWALT 2005-49CB A5 12668AMK8
CWALT 2005-49CB A6 12668AML6
CWALT 2005-49CB A7 12668AMM4
CWALT 2005-49CB A8 12668AMN2
CWALT 2005-49CB AR 12668AMP7
CWALT 2005-49CB M 12668AMQ5
CWALT 2005-49CB PO 12668AMR3
CWALT 2005-49CB B1 12668AMS1
CWALT 2005-49CB B2 12668AMT9
CWALT 2005-49CB B3 12668AMU6
CWALT 2005-49CB B4 12668AMV4
CWALT 2005-49CB B5 12668AMW2
CWALT 2005-50CB 1A1 12668ALH6
CWALT 2005-50CB 2A1 12668ALJ2
CWALT 2005-50CB 3A1 12668ALK9
CWALT 2005-50CB 4A1 12668ALL7
CWALT 2005-50CB AR 12668ALM5
CWALT 2005-50CB PO 12668ALN3
CWALT 2005-50CB M 12668ALP8
CWALT 2005-50CB B1 12668ALQ6
CWALT 2005-50CB B2 12668ALR4
CWALT 2005-50CB B3 12668ARK3
CWALT 2005-50CB B4 12668ARL1
CWALT 2005-50CB B5 12668ARM9
CWALT 2005-51 1A2A 12668ACH6
CWALT 2005-51 1A2B 12668ACJ2
CWALT 2005-51 1A3A 12668ACK9
CWALT 2005-51 1A3B 12668ACL7
CWALT 2005-51 1A3C 12668ACM5
CWALT 2005-51 1X 12668ACN3
CWALT 2005-51 2A2A 12668ACQ6
CWALT 2005-51 2A2B 12668ACR4
CWALT 2005-51 2A3A 12668ACS2
CWALT 2005-51 2A3B 12668ACT0
CWALT 2005-51 2A3C 12668ACU7
CWALT 2005-51 2X 12668ACV5
CWALT 2005-51 3A1 12668ACW3
CWALT 2005-51 3X1 12668ACX1
CWALT 2005-51 3A2A 12668ACY9
CWALT 2005-51 3A3A 12668ACZ6
CWALT 2005-51 3AB1 12668ADA0
CWALT 2005-51 3AB2 12668ADB8
CWALT 2005-51 3X2 12668ADC6
CWALT 2005-51 M 12668ADD4
CWALT 2005-51 B1 12668ADE2
CWALT 2005-51 B2 12668ADF9
CWALT 2005-51 B3 12668ADG7
CWALT 2005-51 B4 12668ADH5
CWALT 2005-51 B5 12668ADJ1
CWALT 2005-51 AR 12668ADK8
CWALT 2005-51 4A2 12668AQJ7
CWALT 2005-51 4A3 12668AQK4
CWALT 2005-51 4X 12668AQL2
CWALT 2005-51 3AB3 12668ARF4
CWALT 2005-51 P1 12668ASK2
CWALT 2005-51 P2 12668ASL0
CWALT 2005-51 P3 12668ASM8
CWALT 2005-51 P4 12668ASN6
CWALT 2005-52CB A3 12668ABG9
CWALT 2005-52CB A1 12668AFW0
CWALT 2005-52CB A2 12668AFX8
CWALT 2005-52CB A4 12668AFY6
CWALT 2005-52CB A5 12668AFZ3
CWALT 2005-52CB A7 12668AGA7
CWALT 2005-52CB A8 12668AGB5
CWALT 2005-52CB A9 12668AGC3
CWALT 2005-52CB PO 12668AGD1
CWALT 2005-52CB AR 12668AGE9
CWALT 2005-52CB M 12668AGF6
CWALT 2005-52CB B1 12668AGG4
CWALT 2005-52CB B2 12668AGH2
CWALT 2005-52CB B3 12668AGJ8
CWALT 2005-52CB B4 12668AGK5
CWALT 2005-52CB B5 12668AGL3
CWALT 2005-52CB A6 12668AGM1
CWALT 2005-52CB A10 12668ALS2
CWALT 2005-52CB A11 12668ALT0
CWALT 2005-52CB A12 12668ALU7
CWALT 2005-52CB A13 12668AQZ1
CWALT 2005-53T2 1A1 12668AKN4
CWALT 2005-53T2 2A1 12668AKP9
CWALT 2005-53T2 2A2 12668AKQ7
CWALT 2005-53T2 2A3 12668AKR5
CWALT 2005-53T2 2A4 12668AKS3
CWALT 2005-53T2 2A5 12668AKT1
CWALT 2005-53T2 2A6 12668AKU8
CWALT 2005-53T2 2A7 12668AKV6
CWALT 2005-53T2 2A8 12668AKW4
CWALT 2005-53T2 X 12668AKX2
CWALT 2005-53T2 PO 12668AKY0
CWALT 2005-53T2 AR 12668AKZ7
CWALT 2005-53T2 M 12668ALA1
CWALT 2005-53T2 B1 12668ALB9
CWALT 2005-53T2 B2 12668ALC7
CWALT 2005-53T2 C 12668ALD5
CWALT 2005-53T2 B3 12668ALE3
CWALT 2005-53T2 B4 12668ALF0
CWALT 2005-53T2 B5 12668ALG8
CWALT 2005-54CB 1A1 12668ANT8
CWALT 2005-54CB 1A2 12668ANU5
CWALT 2005-54CB 1A3 12668ANV3
CWALT 2005-54CB 1A4 12668ANW1
CWALT 2005-54CB 1A5 12668ANX9
CWALT 2005-54CB 1A6 12668ANY7
CWALT 2005-54CB 1A7 12668ANZ4
CWALT 2005-54CB 1A8 12668APA7
CWALT 2005-54CB 1A9 12668APB5
CWALT 2005-54CB 1A10 12668APC3
CWALT 2005-54CB 1A11 12668APD1
CWALT 2005-54CB 2A1 12668APE9
CWALT 2005-54CB 2A2 12668APF6
CWALT 2005-54CB 2A3 12668APG4
CWALT 2005-54CB 2A4 12668APH2
CWALT 2005-54CB 2A5 12668APJ8
CWALT 2005-54CB 2A6 12668APK5
CWALT 2005-54CB 3A1 12668APL3
CWALT 2005-54CB 3A2 12668APM1
CWALT 2005-54CB 3A3 12668APN9
CWALT 2005-54CB 3A4 12668APP4
CWALT 2005-54CB 3A5 12668APQ2
CWALT 2005-54CB 3A6 12668APR0
CWALT 2005-54CB 3A7 12668APS8
CWALT 2005-54CB 3A8 12668APT6
CWALT 2005-54CB 3A9 12668APU3
CWALT 2005-54CB 3A10 12668APV1
CWALT 2005-54CB 3A11 12668APW9
CWALT 2005-54CB 3A12 12668APX7
CWALT 2005-54CB 3A13 12668APY5
CWALT 2005-54CB PO 12668APZ2
CWALT 2005-54CB AR 12668AQA6
CWALT 2005-54CB M 12668AQB4
CWALT 2005-54CB B1 12668AQC2
CWALT 2005-54CB B2 12668AQD0
CWALT 2005-54CB B3 12668AQE8
CWALT 2005-54CB B4 12668AQF5
CWALT 2005-54CB B5 12668AQG3
CWALT 2005-55CB 1A1 12668AMX0
CWALT 2005-55CB 2A1 12668AMY8
CWALT 2005-55CB 2A2 12668AMZ5
CWALT 2005-55CB 2A3 12668ANA9
CWALT 2005-55CB 2A4 12668ANB7
CWALT 2005-55CB 1PO 12668ANC5
CWALT 2005-55CB 2PO 12668AND3
CWALT 2005-55CB AR 12668ANE1
CWALT 2005-55CB 1M1 12668ANF8
CWALT 2005-55CB 1B1 12668ANG6
CWALT 2005-55CB 1B2 12668ANH4
CWALT 2005-55CB 2M1 12668ANJ0
CWALT 2005-55CB 2B1 12668ANK7
CWALT 2005-55CB 2B2 12668ANL5
CWALT 2005-55CB 1B3 12668ANM3
CWALT 2005-55CB 1B4 12668ANN1
CWALT 2005-55CB 1B5 12668ANP6
CWALT 2005-55CB 2B3 12668ANQ4
CWALT 2005-55CB 2B4 12668ANR2
CWALT 2005-55CB 2B5 12668ANS0
CWALT 2005-55CB 2A5 12668ASH9
CWALT 2005-56 1A2 12668AGP4
CWALT 2005-56 1A3 12668AGQ2
CWALT 2005-56 1X 12668AGR0
CWALT 2005-56 2A1 12668AGS8
CWALT 2005-56 2A2 12668AGT6
CWALT 2005-56 2X1 12668AGU3
CWALT 2005-56 2X2 12668AGV1
CWALT 2005-56 3A2 12668AGX7
CWALT 2005-56 3A3 12668AGY5
CWALT 2005-56 3X 12668AGZ2
CWALT 2005-56 4A2 12668AHB4
CWALT 2005-56 4A3 12668AHC2
CWALT 2005-56 4X 12668AHD0
CWALT 2005-56 5A1 12668AHE8
CWALT 2005-56 5A2 12668AHF5
CWALT 2005-56 5A3 12668AHG3
CWALT 2005-56 AR 12668AHJ7
CWALT 2005-56 MX 12668AHK4
CWALT 2005-56 B1 12668AHM0
CWALT 2005-56 B2 12668AHN8
CWALT 2005-56 B3 12668AHP3
CWALT 2005-56 B4 12668AHQ1
CWALT 2005-56 B5 12668AHR9
CWALT 2005-56 2A3 12668ALV5
CWALT 2005-56 2A4 12668ALW3
CWALT 2005-56 5A4 12668ALX1
CWALT 2005-56 M1 12668ALY9
CWALT 2005-56 M2 12668ALZ6
CWALT 2005-56 M3 12668AMA0
CWALT 2005-56 M4 12668AMB8
CWALT 2005-56 M5 12668AMC6
CWALT 2005-56 M6 12668AMD4
CWALT 2005-56 M7 12668AME2
CWALT 2005-57CB 1A1 12668AYE9
CWALT 2005-57CB 1A2 12668AYF6
CWALT 2005-57CB 3A1 12668AYG4
CWALT 2005-57CB 3A2 12668AYH2
CWALT 2005-57CB 3A3 12668AYJ8
CWALT 2005-57CB 3A4 12668AYK5
CWALT 2005-57CB 3A5 12668AYL3
CWALT 2005-57CB 3A6 12668AYM1
CWALT 2005-57CB 3A7 12668AYN9
CWALT 2005-57CB 3A8 12668AYP4
CWALT 2005-57CB 4A1 12668AYQ2
CWALT 2005-57CB 4A2 12668AYR0
CWALT 2005-57CB 4A3 12668AYS8
CWALT 2005-57CB 4A4 12668AYT6
CWALT 2005-57CB 4A5 12668AYU3
CWALT 2005-57CB 4A6 12668AYV1
CWALT 2005-57CB 4A7 12668AYW9
CWALT 2005-57CB 4A8 12668AYX7
CWALT 2005-57CB 1X 12668AYY5
CWALT 2005-57CB 3X 12668AZA6
CWALT 2005-57CB 4X 12668AZB4
CWALT 2005-57CB PO 12668AZC2
CWALT 2005-57CB AR 12668AZD0
CWALT 2005-57CB M 12668AZE8
CWALT 2005-57CB B1 12668AZF5
CWALT 2005-57CB B2 12668AZG3
CWALT 2005-57CB B3 12668AZH1
CWALT 2005-57CB B4 12668AZJ7
CWALT 2005-57CB B5 12668AZK4
CWALT 2005-58 A1 12668AWH4
CWALT 2005-58 A2 12668AWJ0
CWALT 2005-58 A3 12668AWK7
CWALT 2005-58 1X 12668AWL5
CWALT 2005-58 2X 12668AWM3
CWALT 2005-58 AR 12668AWN1
CWALT 2005-58 M 12668AWP6
CWALT 2005-58 B1 12668AWQ4
CWALT 2005-58 B2 12668AWR2
CWALT 2005-58 B3 12668AWS0
CWALT 2005-58 B4 12668AWT8
CWALT 2005-58 B5 12668AWU5
CWALT 2005-58 P 12668AWW1
CWALT 2005-59 13A 12668AEX9
CWALT 2005-59 1X 12668AEY7
CWALT 2005-59 M 12668AEZ4
CWALT 2005-59 B1 12668AFA8
CWALT 2005-59 B2 12668AFB6
CWALT 2005-59 B3 12668AFC4
CWALT 2005-59 B4 12668AFD2
CWALT 2005-59 B5 12668AFE0
CWALT 2005-59 AR 12668AFF7
CWALT 2005-59 12B 12668ARG2
CWALT 2005-59 12C 12668ARH0
CWALT 2005-59 13B 12668ARJ6
CWALT 2005-59 P1 12668ARN7
CWALT 2005-59 P2 12668ARP2
CWALT 2005-59 P3 12668ARQ0
CWALT 2005-59 P4 12668ARR8
CWALT 2005-59 2X 12668ASJ5
CWALT 2005-5R A1 12667FW27
CWALT 2005-5R A2 12667FW35
CWALT 2005-5R A3 12667FW43
CWALT 2005-5R A4 12667FW50
CWALT 2005-5R AR 12667FW68
CWALT 2005-60T1 A1 12668AUQ6
CWALT 2005-60T1 A2 12668AUR4
CWALT 2005-60T1 A3 12668AUS2
CWALT 2005-60T1 A4 12668AUT0
CWALT 2005-60T1 A5 12668AUU7
CWALT 2005-60T1 A6 12668AUV5
CWALT 2005-60T1 A7 12668AUW3
CWALT 2005-60T1 A8 12668AUX1
CWALT 2005-60T1 A9 12668AUY9
CWALT 2005-60T1 A10 12668AUZ6
CWALT 2005-60T1 A11 12668AVA0
CWALT 2005-60T1 X 12668AVB8
CWALT 2005-60T1 PO 12668AVC6
CWALT 2005-60T1 AR 12668AVD4
CWALT 2005-60T1 M 12668AVE2
CWALT 2005-60T1 B1 12668AVF9
CWALT 2005-60T1 B2 12668AVG7
CWALT 2005-60T1 B3 12668AVH5
CWALT 2005-60T1 B4 12668AVJ1
CWALT 2005-60T1 B5 12668AVK8
CWALT 2005-60T1 A12 12668AXA8
CWALT 2005-61 1A2 12668AVM4
CWALT 2005-61 1A3 12668AVN2
CWALT 2005-61 2A2 12668AVQ5
CWALT 2005-61 2A3 12668AVR3
CWALT 2005-61 2A4 12668AVS1
CWALT 2005-61 AR 12668AVT9
CWALT 2005-61 1M1 12668AVU6
CWALT 2005-61 1M2 12668AVV4
CWALT 2005-61 1M3 12668AVW2
CWALT 2005-61 1M4 12668AVX0
CWALT 2005-61 1M5 12668AVY8
CWALT 2005-61 1M6 12668AVZ5
CWALT 2005-61 2M1 12668AWA9
CWALT 2005-61 2M2 12668AWB7
CWALT 2005-61 2M3 12668AWC5
CWALT 2005-61 2M4 12668AWD3
CWALT 2005-61 1C 12668AWE1
CWALT 2005-61 2C 12668AWF8
CWALT 2005-61 2P 12668AWG6
CWALT 2005-62 1A2 12668ATP0
CWALT 2005-62 1X1 12668ATR6
CWALT 2005-62 1X2 12668ATS4
CWALT 2005-62 2A2 12668ATU9
CWALT 2005-62 2A3 12668ATV7
CWALT 2005-62 2X1 12668ATW5
CWALT 2005-62 MX 12668ATX3
CWALT 2005-62 M1 12668ATY1
CWALT 2005-62 M2 12668ATZ8
CWALT 2005-62 M3 12668AUA1
CWALT 2005-62 M4 12668AUB9
CWALT 2005-62 M5 12668AUC7
CWALT 2005-62 M6 12668AUD5
CWALT 2005-62 M7 12668AUE3
CWALT 2005-62 B1 12668AUF0
CWALT 2005-62 B2 12668AUG8
CWALT 2005-62 B3 12668AUH6
CWALT 2005-62 B4 12668AUJ2
CWALT 2005-62 B5 12668AUK9
CWALT 2005-62 AR 12668AUL7
CWALT 2005-62 P1 12668AUM5
CWALT 2005-62 P2 12668AUN3
CWALT 2005-62 1X3 12668AYA7
CWALT 2005-62 2A4 12668AYB5
CWALT 2005-62 2X2 12668AYC3
CWALT 2005-63 1A1 12668AXB6
CWALT 2005-63 1A2 12668AXC4
CWALT 2005-63 2A1 12668AXD2
CWALT 2005-63 2A2 12668AXE0
CWALT 2005-63 3A2 12668AXG5
CWALT 2005-63 3A3 12668AXH3
CWALT 2005-63 4A1 12668AXJ9
CWALT 2005-63 4A2 12668AXK6
CWALT 2005-63 5A1 12668AXL4
CWALT 2005-63 5A2 12668AXM2
CWALT 2005-63 AR 12668AXN0
CWALT 2005-63 M 12668AXP5
CWALT 2005-63 B1 12668AXQ3
CWALT 2005-63 B2 12668AXR1
CWALT 2005-63 P1 12668AXS9
CWALT 2005-63 P2 12668AXT7
CWALT 2005-63 P3 12668AXU4
CWALT 2005-63 P4 12668AXV2
CWALT 2005-63 P5 12668AXW0
CWALT 2005-63 B3 12668AXX8
CWALT 2005-63 B4 12668AXY6
CWALT 2005-63 B5 12668AXZ3
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A15 12668AA21
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A16 12668AA39
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A17 12668AA47
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A18 12668AA54
CWALT 2005-64CB 2A1 12668AA62
CWALT 2005-64CB 3A1 12668AA70
CWALT 2005-64CB 1X 12668AA88
CWALT 2005-64CB 2X 12668AA96
CWALT 2005-64CB PO 12668AB20
CWALT 2005-64CB AR 12668AB38
CWALT 2005-64CB M 12668AB46
CWALT 2005-64CB B1 12668AB53
CWALT 2005-64CB B2 12668AB61
CWALT 2005-64CB 3X 12668AF26
CWALT 2005-64CB B3 12668AF34
CWALT 2005-64CB B4 12668AF42
CWALT 2005-64CB B5 12668AF59
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A1 12668AZL2
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A2 12668AZM0
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A3 12668AZN8
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A4 12668AZP3
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A5 12668AZQ1
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A6 12668AZR9
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A7 12668AZS7
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A8 12668AZT5
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A9 12668AZU2
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A10 12668AZV0
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A11 12668AZW8
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A12 12668AZX6
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A13 12668AZY4
CWALT 2005-64CB 1A14 12668AZZ1
CWALT 2005-65CB 2X 12668A2A2
CWALT 2005-65CB PO 12668A2B0
CWALT 2005-65CB AR 12668A2C8
CWALT 2005-65CB M 12668A2D6
CWALT 2005-65CB B1 12668A2E4
CWALT 2005-65CB B2 12668A2F1
CWALT 2005-65CB B3 12668A2G9
CWALT 2005-65CB B4 12668A2H7
CWALT 2005-65CB B5 12668A2J3
CWALT 2005-65CB A1 12668AX34
CWALT 2005-65CB A2 12668AX42
CWALT 2005-65CB A3 12668AX59
CWALT 2005-65CB A4 12668AX67
CWALT 2005-65CB A5 12668AX75
CWALT 2005-65CB A6 12668AX83
CWALT 2005-65CB A7 12668AX91
CWALT 2005-65CB A8 12668AY25
CWALT 2005-65CB A9 12668AY33
CWALT 2005-65CB A10 12668AY41
CWALT 2005-65CB A11 12668AY58
CWALT 2005-65CB A12 12668AY66
CWALT 2005-65CB A13 12668AY74
CWALT 2005-65CB A14 12668AY82
CWALT 2005-65CB 2A1 12668AY90
CWALT 2005-65CB 2A2 12668AZ24
CWALT 2005-65CB 2A3 12668AZ32
CWALT 2005-65CB 2A4 12668AZ40
CWALT 2005-65CB 2A5 12668AZ57
CWALT 2005-65CB 2A6 12668AZ65
CWALT 2005-65CB 2A7 12668AZ73
CWALT 2005-65CB 2A8 12668AZ81
CWALT 2005-65CB 1X 12668AZ99
CWALT 2005-67CB A1 12668AJ89
CWALT 2005-67CB A2 12668AJ97
CWALT 2005-67CB X 12668AK20
CWALT 2005-67CB PO 12668AK38
CWALT 2005-67CB AR 12668AK46
CWALT 2005-67CB M 12668AS89
CWALT 2005-67CB B1 12668AS97
CWALT 2005-67CB B2 12668AT21
CWALT 2005-67CB B3 12668AT39
CWALT 2005-67CB B4 12668AT47
CWALT 2005-67CB B5 12668AT54
CWALT 2005-69 A1 12668AN27
CWALT 2005-69 A2 12668AN35
CWALT 2005-69 A3 12668AN43
CWALT 2005-69 AR 12668AN50
CWALT 2005-69 M1 12668AN68
CWALT 2005-69 M2 12668AN76
CWALT 2005-69 M3 12668AN84
CWALT 2005-69 M4 12668AN92
CWALT 2005-69 M5 12668AP25
CWALT 2005-69 M6 12668AP33
CWALT 2005-69 C 12668AP41
CWALT 2005-69 P 12668AP58
CWALT 2005-6CB 1A1 12667F5C5
CWALT 2005-6CB 1A2 12667F5D3
CWALT 2005-6CB 1A3 12667F5E1
CWALT 2005-6CB 1A4 12667F5F8
CWALT 2005-6CB 1A5 12667F5G6
CWALT 2005-6CB 1A6 12667F5H4
CWALT 2005-6CB 1A7 12667F5J0
CWALT 2005-6CB 1A8 12667F5K7
CWALT 2005-6CB 1A9 12667F5L5
CWALT 2005-6CB 2A1 12667F5M3
CWALT 2005-6CB PO 12667F5N1
CWALT 2005-6CB AR 12667F5P6
CWALT 2005-6CB M 12667F5Q4
CWALT 2005-6CB B1 12667F5R2
CWALT 2005-6CB B2 12667F5S0
CWALT 2005-6CB B3 12667F5T8
CWALT 2005-6CB B4 12667F5U5
CWALT 2005-6CB B5 12667F5V3
CWALT 2005-70CB A1 12668A2K0
CWALT 2005-70CB A2 12668A2L8
CWALT 2005-70CB A3 12668A2M6
CWALT 2005-70CB A4 12668A2N4
CWALT 2005-70CB A5 12668A2P9
CWALT 2005-70CB A6 12668A2Q7
CWALT 2005-70CB A7 12668A2R5
CWALT 2005-70CB A8 12668A2S3
CWALT 2005-70CB X 12668A2T1
CWALT 2005-70CB PO 12668A2U8
CWALT 2005-70CB AR 12668A2V6
CWALT 2005-70CB M 12668A2W4
CWALT 2005-70CB B1 12668A2X2
CWALT 2005-70CB B2 12668A2Y0
CWALT 2005-70CB B3 12668A2Z7
CWALT 2005-70CB B4 12668A3A1
CWALT 2005-70CB B5 12668A3B9
CWALT 2005-71 A1 12668AH65
CWALT 2005-71 A2 12668AH73
CWALT 2005-71 AR 12668AH81
CWALT 2005-71 M 12668AH99
CWALT 2005-71 B1 12668AJ22
CWALT 2005-71 B2 12668AJ30
CWALT 2005-71 P 12668AJ48
CWALT 2005-71 B3 12668AJ55
CWALT 2005-71 B4 12668AJ63
CWALT 2005-71 B5 12668AJ71
CWALT 2005-72 A2 12668A3P8
CWALT 2005-72 A3 12668A3Q6
CWALT 2005-72 A4 12668A3R4
CWALT 2005-72 AR 12668A3S2
CWALT 2005-72 M1 12668A3T0
CWALT 2005-72 M2 12668A3U7
CWALT 2005-72 M3 12668A3V5
CWALT 2005-72 M4 12668A3W3
CWALT 2005-72 M5 12668A3X1
CWALT 2005-72 M6 12668A3Y9
CWALT 2005-72 C 12668A3Z6
CWALT 2005-72 P 12668A4A0
CWALT 2005-73CB B3 12668A3K9
CWALT 2005-73CB B4 12668A3L7
CWALT 2005-73CB B5 12668A3M5
CWALT 2005-73CB A1 12668AT62
CWALT 2005-73CB A2 12668AT70
CWALT 2005-73CB A3 12668AT88
CWALT 2005-73CB A4 12668AT96
CWALT 2005-73CB A5 12668AU29
CWALT 2005-73CB A6 12668AU37
CWALT 2005-73CB A7 12668AU45
CWALT 2005-73CB A8 12668AU52
CWALT 2005-73CB A9 12668AU60
CWALT 2005-73CB A10 12668AU78
CWALT 2005-73CB A11 12668AU86
CWALT 2005-73CB A12 12668AU94
CWALT 2005-73CB A13 12668AV28
CWALT 2005-73CB 2A1 12668AV36
CWALT 2005-73CB 2A2 12668AV44
CWALT 2005-73CB 2A3 12668AV51
CWALT 2005-73CB 2A4 12668AV69
CWALT 2005-73CB 1X 12668AV77
CWALT 2005-73CB 2X 12668AV85
CWALT 2005-73CB PO 12668AV93
CWALT 2005-73CB AR 12668AW27
CWALT 2005-73CB M 12668AW35
CWALT 2005-73CB B1 12668AW43
CWALT 2005-73CB B2 12668AW50
CWALT 2005-73CB 2A5 12668AW68
CWALT 2005-74T1 A1 12668AL37
CWALT 2005-74T1 A2 12668AL45
CWALT 2005-74T1 A3 12668AL52
CWALT 2005-74T1 A4 12668AL60
CWALT 2005-74T1 A5 12668AL78
CWALT 2005-74T1 A6 12668AL86
CWALT 2005-74T1 X 12668AL94
CWALT 2005-74T1 PO 12668AM28
CWALT 2005-74T1 AR 12668AM36
CWALT 2005-74T1 M 12668AM44
CWALT 2005-74T1 B1 12668AM51
CWALT 2005-74T1 B2 12668AM69
CWALT 2005-74T1 B3 12668AM77
CWALT 2005-74T1 B4 12668AM85
CWALT 2005-74T1 B5 12668AM93
CWALT 2005-75CB A1 12668AF67
CWALT 2005-75CB A2 12668AF75
CWALT 2005-75CB A3 12668AF83
CWALT 2005-75CB A4 12668AF91
CWALT 2005-75CB A5 12668AG25
CWALT 2005-75CB A6 12668AG33
CWALT 2005-75CB A7 12668AG41
CWALT 2005-75CB X 12668AG58
CWALT 2005-75CB PO 12668AG66
CWALT 2005-75CB AR 12668AG74
CWALT 2005-75CB M 12668AG82
CWALT 2005-75CB B1 12668AG90
CWALT 2005-75CB B2 12668AH24
CWALT 2005-75CB B3 12668AH32
CWALT 2005-75CB B4 12668AH40
CWALT 2005-75CB B5 12668AH57
CWALT 2005-76 1A1 12668BDC4
CWALT 2005-76 1A2 12668BDD2
CWALT 2005-76 2A2 12668BDF7
CWALT 2005-76 2A3 12668BDG5
CWALT 2005-76 2A4 12668BDH3
CWALT 2005-76 3A2 12668BDK6
CWALT 2005-76 3A3 12668BDL4
CWALT 2005-76 AR 12668BDM2
CWALT 2005-76 M1 12668BDN0
CWALT 2005-76 M2 12668BDP5
CWALT 2005-76 M3 12668BDQ3
CWALT 2005-76 M4 12668BDR1
CWALT 2005-76 M5 12668BDS9
CWALT 2005-76 M6 12668BDT7
CWALT 2005-76 M7 12668BDU4
CWALT 2005-76 P1 12668BDV2
CWALT 2005-76 C 12668BDW0
CWALT 2005-76 M8 12668BDX8
CWALT 2005-76 P2 12668BHM8
CWALT 2005-76 P3 12668BHN6
CWALT 2005-77T1 1A1 12668BCF8
CWALT 2005-77T1 1A2 12668BCG6
CWALT 2005-77T1 1A3 12668BCH4
CWALT 2005-77T1 1A4 12668BCJ0
CWALT 2005-77T1 2A1 12668BCK7
CWALT 2005-77T1 2A2 12668BCL5
CWALT 2005-77T1 2A3 12668BCM3
CWALT 2005-77T1 2A4 12668BCN1
CWALT 2005-77T1 2A5 12668BCP6
CWALT 2005-77T1 1X 12668BCQ4
CWALT 2005-77T1 2X 12668BCR2
CWALT 2005-77T1 1PO 12668BCS0
CWALT 2005-77T1 2PO 12668BCT8
CWALT 2005-77T1 AR 12668BCU5
CWALT 2005-77T1 1M 12668BCV3
CWALT 2005-77T1 1B1 12668BCW1
CWALT 2005-77T1 1B2 12668BCX9
CWALT 2005-77T1 2M 12668BCY7
CWALT 2005-77T1 2B1 12668BCZ4
CWALT 2005-77T1 2B2 12668BDA8
CWALT 2005-77T1 1B3 12668BDY6
CWALT 2005-77T1 1B4 12668BDZ3
CWALT 2005-77T1 1B5 12668BEA7
CWALT 2005-77T1 2B3 12668BEB5
CWALT 2005-77T1 2B4 12668BEC3
CWALT 2005-77T1 2B5 12668BED1
CWALT 2005-77T1 2A6 12668BHK2
CWALT 2005-77T1 2A7 12668BHL0
CWALT 2005-79CB A1 12668BAA1
CWALT 2005-79CB A2 12668BAB9
CWALT 2005-79CB A3 12668BAC7
CWALT 2005-79CB A4 12668BAD5
CWALT 2005-79CB A5 12668BAE3
CWALT 2005-79CB A6 12668BAF0
CWALT 2005-79CB A7 12668BAG8
CWALT 2005-79CB A8 12668BAH6
CWALT 2005-79CB X 12668BAJ2
CWALT 2005-79CB PO 12668BAK9
CWALT 2005-79CB AR 12668BAL7
CWALT 2005-79CB M 12668BAM5
CWALT 2005-79CB B1 12668BAN3
CWALT 2005-79CB B2 12668BAP8
CWALT 2005-79CB B3 12668BAQ6
CWALT 2005-79CB B4 12668BAR4
CWALT 2005-79CB B5 12668BAS2
CWALT 2005-7CB 1A1 12667F4C6
CWALT 2005-7CB 1A2 12667F4D4
CWALT 2005-7CB 1A3 12667F4E2
CWALT 2005-7CB 1A4 12667F4F9
CWALT 2005-7CB 1A5 12667F4G7
CWALT 2005-7CB 1A6 12667F4H5
CWALT 2005-7CB 2A1 12667F4L6
CWALT 2005-7CB 2A2 12667F4M4
CWALT 2005-7CB 2A3 12667F4N2
CWALT 2005-7CB 2A4 12667F4P7
CWALT 2005-7CB 2A5 12667F4Q5
CWALT 2005-7CB 2A6 12667F4R3
CWALT 2005-7CB 2A7 12667F4S1
CWALT 2005-7CB 2A8 12667F4T9
CWALT 2005-7CB PO 12667F4U6
CWALT 2005-7CB AR 12667F4V4
CWALT 2005-7CB M 12667F4W2
CWALT 2005-7CB B1 12667F4X0
CWALT 2005-7CB B2 12667F4Y8
CWALT 2005-7CB B3 12667F4Z5
CWALT 2005-7CB B4 12667F5A9
CWALT 2005-7CB B5 12667F5B7
CWALT 2005-7CB 2A9 12667F6X8
CWALT 2005-80CB 1A1 12668BGC1
CWALT 2005-80CB 2A1 12668BGD9
CWALT 2005-80CB 3A1 12668BGE7
CWALT 2005-80CB 4A1 12668BGF4
CWALT 2005-80CB 5A1 12668BGG2
CWALT 2005-80CB 1X 12668BGH0
CWALT 2005-80CB 2X 12668BGJ6
CWALT 2005-80CB 3X 12668BGK3
CWALT 2005-80CB 4X 12668BGL1
CWALT 2005-80CB 5X 12668BGM9
CWALT 2005-80CB PO 12668BGN7
CWALT 2005-80CB AR 12668BGP2
CWALT 2005-80CB M 12668BGQ0
CWALT 2005-80CB B1 12668BGR8
CWALT 2005-80CB B2 12668BGS6
CWALT 2005-80CB B3 12668BGT4
CWALT 2005-80CB B4 12668BGU1
CWALT 2005-80CB B5 12668BGV9
CWALT 2005-81 A2 12668BBP7
CWALT 2005-81 A3 12668BBQ5
CWALT 2005-81 A4 12668BBR3
CWALT 2005-81 M1 12668BBS1
CWALT 2005-81 M2 12668BBT9
CWALT 2005-81 M3 12668BBU6
CWALT 2005-81 M4 12668BBV4
CWALT 2005-81 M5 12668BBW2
CWALT 2005-81 B1 12668BBX0
CWALT 2005-81 B2 12668BBY8
CWALT 2005-81 B3 12668BBZ5
CWALT 2005-81 AR 12668BCA9
CWALT 2005-81 X1 12668BCB7
CWALT 2005-81 X2 12668BCC5
CWALT 2005-81 B4 12668BCD3
CWALT 2005-81 B5 12668BCE1
CWALT 2005-82 A1 12668A5X9
CWALT 2005-82 A2 12668A5Y7
CWALT 2005-82 A3 12668A5Z4
CWALT 2005-82 X 12668A6A8
CWALT 2005-82 M 12668A6C4
CWALT 2005-82 B1 12668A6D2
CWALT 2005-82 B2 12668A6E0
CWALT 2005-82 B3 12668A6F7
CWALT 2005-82 B4 12668A6G5
CWALT 2005-82 B5 12668A6H3
CWALT 2005-82 AR 12668A6J9
CWALT 2005-82 P 12668BGW7
CWALT 2005-83CB A1 12668BGX5
CWALT 2005-83CB A2 12668BGY3
CWALT 2005-83CB A3 12668BGZ0
CWALT 2005-83CB X 12668BHA4
CWALT 2005-83CB PO 12668BHB2
CWALT 2005-83CB M 12668BHD8
CWALT 2005-83CB B1 12668BHE6
CWALT 2005-83CB B2 12668BHF3
CWALT 2005-83CB B3 12668BHG1
CWALT 2005-83CB B4 12668BHH9
CWALT 2005-83CB B5 12668BHJ5
CWALT 2005-84 1A1 12668BAT0
CWALT 2005-84 1A2 12668BAU7
CWALT 2005-84 2A1 12668BAV5
CWALT 2005-84 2A2 12668BAW3
CWALT 2005-84 3A1 12668BAX1
CWALT 2005-84 3A2 12668BAY9
CWALT 2005-84 4A1 12668BAZ6
CWALT 2005-84 4A2 12668BBA0
CWALT 2005-84 AR 12668BBB8
CWALT 2005-84 M 12668BBC6
CWALT 2005-84 B1 12668BBD4
CWALT 2005-84 B2 12668BBE2
CWALT 2005-84 P1 12668BBF9
CWALT 2005-84 P2 12668BBG7
CWALT 2005-84 P3 12668BBH5
CWALT 2005-84 P4 12668BBJ1
CWALT 2005-84 B3 12668BBK8
CWALT 2005-84 B4 12668BBL6
CWALT 2005-84 B5 12668BBM4
CWALT 2005-85CB 1A1 12668BEE9
CWALT 2005-85CB 2A1 12668BEF6
CWALT 2005-85CB 2A2 12668BEG4
CWALT 2005-85CB 2A3 12668BEH2
CWALT 2005-85CB 2A4 12668BEJ8
CWALT 2005-85CB 2A6 12668BEL3
CWALT 2005-85CB 2A7 12668BEM1
CWALT 2005-85CB 2A8 12668BEN9
CWALT 2005-85CB 1X 12668BEQ2
CWALT 2005-85CB 2X 12668BER0
CWALT 2005-85CB 3X 12668BES8
CWALT 2005-85CB PO 12668BET6
CWALT 2005-85CB AR 12668BEU3
CWALT 2005-85CB M 12668BEV1
CWALT 2005-85CB B1 12668BEW9
CWALT 2005-85CB B2 12668BEX7
CWALT 2005-85CB 3A1 12668BEY5
CWALT 2005-85CB 3A2 12668BEZ2
CWALT 2005-85CB 2A9 12668BFY4
CWALT 2005-85CB B3 12668BFZ1
CWALT 2005-85CB B4 12668BGA5
CWALT 2005-85CB B5 12668BGB3
CWALT 2005-86CB A1 12668BFA6
CWALT 2005-86CB A2 12668BFB4
CWALT 2005-86CB A3 12668BFC2
CWALT 2005-86CB A4 12668BFD0
CWALT 2005-86CB A5 12668BFE8
CWALT 2005-86CB A6 12668BFF5
CWALT 2005-86CB A7 12668BFG3
CWALT 2005-86CB A8 12668BFH1
CWALT 2005-86CB A9 12668BFJ7
CWALT 2005-86CB A10 12668BFK4
CWALT 2005-86CB A11 12668BFL2
CWALT 2005-86CB A12 12668BFM0
CWALT 2005-86CB A13 12668BFN8
CWALT 2005-86CB X 12668BFP3
CWALT 2005-86CB PO 12668BFQ1
CWALT 2005-86CB AR 12668BFR9
CWALT 2005-86CB M 12668BFS7
CWALT 2005-86CB B1 12668BFT5
CWALT 2005-86CB B2 12668BFU2
CWALT 2005-86CB B3 12668BFV0
CWALT 2005-86CB B4 12668BFW8
CWALT 2005-86CB B5 12668BFX6
CWALT 2005-9CB 1A1 12667GEK5
CWALT 2005-9CB 1A2 12667GEL3
CWALT 2005-9CB 1A3 12667GEM1
CWALT 2005-9CB 1A4 12667GEN9
CWALT 2005-9CB 1A5 12667GEP4
CWALT 2005-9CB 2A1 12667GEQ2
CWALT 2005-9CB 2A2 12667GER0
CWALT 2005-9CB 3A1 12667GES8
CWALT 2005-9CB PO 12667GET6
CWALT 2005-9CB AR 12667GEU3
CWALT 2005-9CB M 12667GEV1
CWALT 2005-9CB B1 12667GEW9
CWALT 2005-9CB B2 12667GEX7
CWALT 2005-9CB B3 12667GEY5
CWALT 2005-9CB B4 12667GEZ2
CWALT 2005-9CB B5 12667GFA6
CWALT 2005-9CB 1A6 12667GFS7
CWALT 2005-9CB 1A7 12667GFT5
CWALT 2005-AR1 1A 12668A4P7
CWALT 2005-AR1 2A1 12668A4Q5
CWALT 2005-AR1 2A2 12668A4R3
CWALT 2005-AR1 2A3A 12668A4S1
CWALT 2005-AR1 M1 12668A4T9
CWALT 2005-AR1 M2 12668A4U6
CWALT 2005-AR1 M3 12668A4V4
CWALT 2005-AR1 M4 12668A4W2
CWALT 2005-AR1 M5 12668A4X0
CWALT 2005-AR1 M6 12668A4Y8
CWALT 2005-AR1 M7 12668A4Z5
CWALT 2005-AR1 AR 12668A5A9
CWALT 2005-AR1 C 12668A5B7
CWALT 2005-AR1 P 12668A5C5
CWALT 2005-AR1 2A3B 12668BDB6
CWALT 2005-IM1 A1 12668A4B8
CWALT 2005-IM1 A2 12668A4C6
CWALT 2005-IM1 A3 12668A4D4
CWALT 2005-IM1 AIO 12668A4E2
CWALT 2005-IM1 M1 12668A4F9
CWALT 2005-IM1 M2 12668A4G7
CWALT 2005-IM1 M3 12668A4H5
CWALT 2005-IM1 M4 12668A4J1
CWALT 2005-IM1 M5 12668A4K8
CWALT 2005-IM1 C 12668A4L6
CWALT 2005-IM1 P 12668A4M4
CWALT 2005-IM1 AR 12668A4N2
CWALT 2005-J1 1A7 12667F3T0
CWALT 2005-J1 1A8 12667F3U7
CWALT 2005-J1 5A2 12667F3V5
CWALT 2005-J1 5A3 12667F3W3
CWALT 2005-J1 5A4 12667F3X1
CWALT 2005-J1 7A1 12667F3Y9
CWALT 2005-J1 POB 12667F3Z6
CWALT 2005-J1 POC 12667F4A0
CWALT 2005-J1 POD 12667F4B8
CWALT 2005-J1 1A1 12667FS97
CWALT 2005-J1 1A2 12667FT21
CWALT 2005-J1 1A3 12667FT39
CWALT 2005-J1 1A4 12667FT47
CWALT 2005-J1 1A5 12667FT54
CWALT 2005-J1 1A6 12667FT62
CWALT 2005-J1 XA 12667FT70
CWALT 2005-J1 2A1 12667FT88
CWALT 2005-J1 XB 12667FT96
CWALT 2005-J1 3A1 12667FU29
CWALT 2005-J1 XC 12667FU37
CWALT 2005-J1 4A1 12667FU45
CWALT 2005-J1 XD 12667FU52
CWALT 2005-J1 5A1 12667FU60
CWALT 2005-J1 XE 12667FU78
CWALT 2005-J1 6A1 12667FU86
CWALT 2005-J1 XF 12667FU94
CWALT 2005-J1 POA 12667FV28
CWALT 2005-J1 AR 12667FV36
CWALT 2005-J1 M 12667FV44
CWALT 2005-J1 B1 12667FV51
CWALT 2005-J1 B2 12667FV69
CWALT 2005-J1 B3 12667FV77
CWALT 2005-J1 B4 12667FV85
CWALT 2005-J1 B5 12667FV93
CWALT 2005-J10 1A1 12667G4G5
CWALT 2005-J10 1A2 12667G4H3
CWALT 2005-J10 1A3 12667G4J9
CWALT 2005-J10 1A4 12667G4K6
CWALT 2005-J10 1A5 12667G4L4
CWALT 2005-J10 1A6 12667G4M2
CWALT 2005-J10 1A7 12667G4N0
CWALT 2005-J10 1A8 12667G4P5
CWALT 2005-J10 1A9 12667G4Q3
CWALT 2005-J10 1A11 12668ABH7
CWALT 2005-J10 1A12 12668ABJ3
CWALT 2005-J10 1A13 12668ABK0
CWALT 2005-J10 1A14 12668ABL8
CWALT 2005-J10 1A15 12668ABM6
CWALT 2005-J10 1A17 12668ABP9
CWALT 2005-J10 1A18 12668ABQ7
CWALT 2005-J10 2A1 12668ABR5
CWALT 2005-J10 2A2 12668ABS3
CWALT 2005-J10 2A3 12668ABT1
CWALT 2005-J10 2A4 12668ABU8
CWALT 2005-J10 1X 12668ABV6
CWALT 2005-J10 2X 12668ABW4
CWALT 2005-J10 PO 12668ABX2
CWALT 2005-J10 AR 12668ABY0
CWALT 2005-J10 M 12668ABZ7
CWALT 2005-J10 B1 12668ACA1
CWALT 2005-J10 B2 12668ACB9
CWALT 2005-J10 B3 12668ACC7
CWALT 2005-J10 B4 12668ACD5
CWALT 2005-J10 B5 12668ACE3
CWALT 2005-J10 P 12668ACF0
CWALT 2005-J11 1A1 12668AHZ1
CWALT 2005-J11 1A2 12668AJA4
CWALT 2005-J11 1A3 12668AJB2
CWALT 2005-J11 1A4 12668AJC0
CWALT 2005-J11 1A5 12668AJD8
CWALT 2005-J11 1A6 12668AJE6
CWALT 2005-J11 1A7 12668AJF3
CWALT 2005-J11 1A8 12668AJG1
CWALT 2005-J11 1A9 12668AJH9
CWALT 2005-J11 1A10 12668AJJ5
CWALT 2005-J11 1A11 12668AJK2
CWALT 2005-J11 1A12 12668AJL0
CWALT 2005-J11 1A13 12668AJM8
CWALT 2005-J11 1A14 12668AJN6
CWALT 2005-J11 2A1 12668AJP1
CWALT 2005-J11 2A2 12668AJQ9
CWALT 2005-J11 3A1 12668AJR7
CWALT 2005-J11 4A1 12668AJS5
CWALT 2005-J11 5A1 12668AJT3
CWALT 2005-J11 6A1 12668AJU0
CWALT 2005-J11 1X 12668AJV8
CWALT 2005-J11 2X 12668AJW6
CWALT 2005-J11 3X 12668AJX4
CWALT 2005-J11 4X 12668AJY2
CWALT 2005-J11 5X 12668AJZ9
CWALT 2005-J11 POA 12668AKA2
CWALT 2005-J11 POB 12668AKB0
CWALT 2005-J11 POC 12668AKC8
CWALT 2005-J11 M 12668AKF1
CWALT 2005-J11 B1 12668AKG9
CWALT 2005-J11 B2 12668AKH7
CWALT 2005-J11 B3 12668AKJ3
CWALT 2005-J11 B4 12668AKK0
CWALT 2005-J11 B5 12668AKL8
CWALT 2005-J11 AR 12668AKM6
CWALT 2005-J11 1A15 12668ARS6
CWALT 2005-J11 1A16 12668ART4
CWALT 2005-J11 1A17 12668ARU1
CWALT 2005-J11 7A1 12668ARV9
CWALT 2005-J11 6X 12668ASE6
CWALT 2005-J11 7X 12668ASF3
CWALT 2005-J11 P 12668ASG1
CWALT 2005-J12 1A1 12668ASP1
CWALT 2005-J12 1A2 12668ASQ9
CWALT 2005-J12 1A3 12668ASR7
CWALT 2005-J12 1A4 12668ASS5
CWALT 2005-J12 1A5 12668AST3
CWALT 2005-J12 1M1 12668ASU0
CWALT 2005-J12 1M2 12668ASV8
CWALT 2005-J12 1M3 12668ASW6
CWALT 2005-J12 1B1 12668ASX4
CWALT 2005-J12 2A2 12668ASZ9
CWALT 2005-J12 2A3 12668ATA3
CWALT 2005-J12 2A4 12668ATB1
CWALT 2005-J12 2M1 12668ATD7
CWALT 2005-J12 2M2 12668ATE5
CWALT 2005-J12 2B1 12668ATF2
CWALT 2005-J12 2B2 12668ATG0
CWALT 2005-J12 CF 12668ATH8
CWALT 2005-J12 PF 12668ATJ4
CWALT 2005-J12 CV 12668ATK1
CWALT 2005-J12 PV 12668ATL9
CWALT 2005-J12 AR 12668ATM7
CWALT 2005-J12 1A6 12668AYD1
CWALT 2005-J13 1A1 12668AB79
CWALT 2005-J13 1A2 12668AB87
CWALT 2005-J13 1A3 12668AB95
CWALT 2005-J13 1A4 12668AC29
CWALT 2005-J13 1X 12668AC37
CWALT 2005-J13 2A1 12668AC45
CWALT 2005-J13 2A2 12668AC52
CWALT 2005-J13 2A3 12668AC60
CWALT 2005-J13 2A4 12668AC78
CWALT 2005-J13 2A5 12668AC86
CWALT 2005-J13 2A6 12668AC94
CWALT 2005-J13 2A7 12668AD28
CWALT 2005-J13 2A8 12668AD36
CWALT 2005-J13 2A9 12668AD44
CWALT 2005-J13 2A10 12668AD51
CWALT 2005-J13 2A11 12668AD69
CWALT 2005-J13 2X 12668AD77
CWALT 2005-J13 PO 12668AD85
CWALT 2005-J13 AR 12668AD93
CWALT 2005-J13 M 12668AE27
CWALT 2005-J13 B1 12668AE35
CWALT 2005-J13 B2 12668AE43
CWALT 2005-J13 B3 12668AE50
CWALT 2005-J13 B4 12668AE68
CWALT 2005-J13 B5 12668AE76
CWALT 2005-J13 P 12668AE84
CWALT 2005-J14 A1 12668AP82
CWALT 2005-J14 A2 12668AP90
CWALT 2005-J14 A3 12668AQ24
CWALT 2005-J14 A4 12668AQ32
CWALT 2005-J14 A5 12668AQ40
CWALT 2005-J14 A6 12668AQ57
CWALT 2005-J14 A7 12668AQ65
CWALT 2005-J14 A8 12668AQ73
CWALT 2005-J14 A9 12668AQ81
CWALT 2005-J14 X 12668AQ99
CWALT 2005-J14 PO 12668AR49
CWALT 2005-J14 AR 12668AR56
CWALT 2005-J14 M 12668AR64
CWALT 2005-J14 B1 12668AR72
CWALT 2005-J14 B2 12668AR80
CWALT 2005-J14 B3 12668AW76
CWALT 2005-J14 B4 12668AW84
CWALT 2005-J14 B5 12668AW92
CWALT 2005-J14 P 12668AX26
CWALT 2005-J2 A1 12667F5W1
CWALT 2005-J2 A2 12667F5X9
CWALT 2005-J2 A3 12667F5Y7
CWALT 2005-J2 A4 12667F5Z4
CWALT 2005-J2 A5 12667F6A8
CWALT 2005-J2 A6 12667F6B6
CWALT 2005-J2 A7 12667F6C4
CWALT 2005-J2 A8 12667F6D2
CWALT 2005-J2 A9 12667F6E0
CWALT 2005-J2 A10 12667F6F7
CWALT 2005-J2 A11 12667F6G5
CWALT 2005-J2 A12 12667F6H3
CWALT 2005-J2 A13 12667F6J9
CWALT 2005-J2 1X 12667F6K6
CWALT 2005-J2 POA 12667F6L4
CWALT 2005-J2 2A1 12667F6M2
CWALT 2005-J2 2X 12667F6N0
CWALT 2005-J2 POB 12667F6P5
CWALT 2005-J2 AR 12667F6Q3
CWALT 2005-J2 M 12667F6R1
CWALT 2005-J2 B1 12667F6S9
CWALT 2005-J2 B2 12667F6T7
CWALT 2005-J2 B3 12667F6U4
CWALT 2005-J2 B4 12667F6V2
CWALT 2005-J2 B5 12667F6W0
CWALT 2005-J2 P 12667F7X7
CWALT 2005-J3 1A1 12667GDA8
CWALT 2005-J3 1A2 12667GDB6
CWALT 2005-J3 1A3 12667GDC4
CWALT 2005-J3 1A4 12667GDD2
CWALT 2005-J3 1A5 12667GDE0
CWALT 2005-J3 XA 12667GDF7
CWALT 2005-J3 POA 12667GDG5
CWALT 2005-J3 2A1 12667GDH3
CWALT 2005-J3 2A2 12667GDJ9
CWALT 2005-J3 2A3 12667GDK6
CWALT 2005-J3 2A4 12667GDL4
CWALT 2005-J3 2A5 12667GDM2
CWALT 2005-J3 2A6 12667GDN0
CWALT 2005-J3 2A7 12667GDP5
CWALT 2005-J3 2A8 12667GDQ3
CWALT 2005-J3 B3 12667GDR1
CWALT 2005-J3 B4 12667GDS9
CWALT 2005-J3 B5 12667GDT7
CWALT 2005-J3 2A9 12667GDU4
CWALT 2005-J3 2A10 12667GDV2
CWALT 2005-J3 2A11 12667GDW0
CWALT 2005-J3 2A12 12667GDX8
CWALT 2005-J3 2A13 12667GDY6
CWALT 2005-J3 2A14 12667GDZ3
CWALT 2005-J3 XB 12667GEA7
CWALT 2005-J3 POB 12667GEB5
CWALT 2005-J3 3A1 12667GEC3
CWALT 2005-J3 MA 12667GED1
CWALT 2005-J3 AR 12667GEF6
CWALT 2005-J3 M 12667GEG4
CWALT 2005-J3 B1 12667GEH2
CWALT 2005-J3 B2 12667GEJ8
CWALT 2005-J3 P 12667GFR9
CWALT 2005-J4 1A1 12667GMZ3
CWALT 2005-J4 1A2 12667GNA7
CWALT 2005-J4 1A3 12667GNB5
CWALT 2005-J4 2A1A 12667GNC3
CWALT 2005-J4 2A1B 12667GND1
CWALT 2005-J4 2A3B 12667GNF6
CWALT 2005-J4 M1 12667GNG4
CWALT 2005-J4 M2 12667GNH2
CWALT 2005-J4 B1 12667GNJ8
CWALT 2005-J4 B2 12667GNK5
CWALT 2005-J4 C 12667GNL3
CWALT 2005-J4 P 12667GNM1
CWALT 2005-J4 AR 12667GNN9
CWALT 2005-J4 1A4 12667GRS4
CWALT 2005-J4 1A5 12667GRT2
CWALT 2005-J4 1A6 12667GRU9
CWALT 2005-J5 1A1 12667GHA4
CWALT 2005-J5 1A2 12667GHB2
CWALT 2005-J5 1A3 12667GHC0
CWALT 2005-J5 1A5 12667GHE6
CWALT 2005-J5 1A6 12667GHF3
CWALT 2005-J5 1A7 12667GHG1
CWALT 2005-J5 1A8 12667GHH9
CWALT 2005-J5 1X 12667GHJ5
CWALT 2005-J5 2A1 12667GHK2
CWALT 2005-J5 2X 12667GHL0
CWALT 2005-J5 POA 12667GHM8
CWALT 2005-J5 POB 12667GHN6
CWALT 2005-J5 AR 12667GHP1
CWALT 2005-J5 MA 12667GHQ9
CWALT 2005-J5 M 12667GHR7
CWALT 2005-J5 B1 12667GHS5
CWALT 2005-J5 B2 12667GHT3
CWALT 2005-J5 B3 12667GHU0
CWALT 2005-J5 B4 12667GHV8
CWALT 2005-J5 B5 12667GHW6
CWALT 2005-J5 P 12667GHX4
CWALT 2005-J6 A1 12667GVB6
CWALT 2005-J6 A2 12667GVC4
CWALT 2005-J6 A3 12667GVD2
CWALT 2005-J6 A4 12667GVE0
CWALT 2005-J6 A5 12667GVF7
CWALT 2005-J6 A6 12667GVG5
CWALT 2005-J6 A7 12667GVH3
CWALT 2005-J6 A8 12667GVJ9
CWALT 2005-J6 A9 12667GVK6
CWALT 2005-J6 A10 12667GVL4
CWALT 2005-J6 1X 12667GVM2
CWALT 2005-J6 2A1 12667GVN0
CWALT 2005-J6 2X 12667GVP5
CWALT 2005-J6 3A1 12667GVQ3
CWALT 2005-J6 3X 12667GVR1
CWALT 2005-J6 PO1 12667GVS9
CWALT 2005-J6 PO2 12667GVT7
CWALT 2005-J6 PO3 12667GVU4
CWALT 2005-J6 AR 12667GVV2
CWALT 2005-J6 M 12667GVW0
CWALT 2005-J6 B1 12667GVX8
CWALT 2005-J6 B2 12667GVY6
CWALT 2005-J6 P 12667GVZ3
CWALT 2005-J6 B3 12667GWA7
CWALT 2005-J6 B4 12667GWB5
CWALT 2005-J6 B5 12667GWC3
CWALT 2005-J7 1A1 12667GF32
CWALT 2005-J7 1A3 12667GF57
CWALT 2005-J7 1A5 12667GF65
CWALT 2005-J7 1A6 12667GF73
CWALT 2005-J7 1A7 12667GF81
CWALT 2005-J7 1A8 12667GF99
CWALT 2005-J7 2A1 12667GG23
CWALT 2005-J7 XA 12667GG31
CWALT 2005-J7 XB 12667GG49
CWALT 2005-J7 POA 12667GG56
CWALT 2005-J7 POB 12667GG64
CWALT 2005-J7 AR 12667GG72
CWALT 2005-J7 M 12667GG80
CWALT 2005-J7 B1 12667GG98
CWALT 2005-J7 B2 12667GH22
CWALT 2005-J7 B3 12667GH30
CWALT 2005-J7 B4 12667GH48
CWALT 2005-J7 B5 12667GH55
CWALT 2005-J7 P 12667GH63
CWALT 2005-J7 1A4 12667GH71
CWALT 2005-J7 1A9 12667GR47
CWALT 2005-J8 1A1 12667GH89
CWALT 2005-J8 1A2 12667GH97
CWALT 2005-J8 1A3 12667GJ20
CWALT 2005-J8 1A4 12667GJ38
CWALT 2005-J8 1A5 12667GJ46
CWALT 2005-J8 2A1 12667GJ53
CWALT 2005-J8 XA 12667GJ61
CWALT 2005-J8 XB 12667GJ79
CWALT 2005-J8 POA 12667GJ87
CWALT 2005-J8 POB 12667GJ95
CWALT 2005-J8 AR 12667GK28
CWALT 2005-J8 M 12667GK36
CWALT 2005-J8 B1 12667GK44
CWALT 2005-J8 B2 12667GK51
CWALT 2005-J8 B3 12667GK69
CWALT 2005-J8 B4 12667GK77
CWALT 2005-J8 B5 12667GK85
CWALT 2005-J8 P 12667GK93
CWALT 2005-J8 1A6 12667GR54
CWALT 2005-J9 1A7 12667G3J0
CWALT 2005-J9 1A1 12667GT37
CWALT 2005-J9 1A2 12667GT45
CWALT 2005-J9 1A3 12667GT52
CWALT 2005-J9 1A4 12667GT60
CWALT 2005-J9 1A5 12667GT78
CWALT 2005-J9 1A6 12667GT86
CWALT 2005-J9 1X 12667GT94
CWALT 2005-J9 2A1 12667GU27
CWALT 2005-J9 2A2 12667GU35
CWALT 2005-J9 2A3 12667GU43
CWALT 2005-J9 2X 12667GU68
CWALT 2005-J9 POA 12667GU76
CWALT 2005-J9 POB 12667GU84
CWALT 2005-J9 AR 12667GU92
CWALT 2005-J9 M 12667GV34
CWALT 2005-J9 B1 12667GV42
CWALT 2005-J9 B2 12667GV59
CWALT 2005-J9 P 12667GV67
CWALT 2005-J9 B3 12667GV75
CWALT 2005-J9 B4 12667GV83
CWALT 2005-J9 B5 12667GV91
CWALT 2006-11CB 1A1 12668BVY6
CWALT 2006-11CB 1A2 12668BVZ3
CWALT 2006-11CB 1A3 12668BWA7
CWALT 2006-11CB 1A4 12668BWB5
CWALT 2006-11CB 1A5 12668BWC3
CWALT 2006-11CB 1A6 12668BWD1
CWALT 2006-11CB 2A1 12668BWE9
CWALT 2006-11CB 3A1 12668BWF6
CWALT 2006-11CB 1X 12668BWG4
CWALT 2006-11CB 2X 12668BWH2
CWALT 2006-11CB 3X 12668BWJ8
CWALT 2006-11CB PO 12668BWK5
CWALT 2006-11CB AR 12668BWL3
CWALT 2006-11CB M 12668BWM1
CWALT 2006-11CB B1 12668BWN9
CWALT 2006-11CB B2 12668BWP4
CWALT 2006-11CB B3 12668BWQ2
CWALT 2006-11CB B4 12668BWR0
CWALT 2006-11CB B5 12668BWS8
CWALT 2006-12CB 1A1 12668BWW9
CWALT 2006-12CB 1A2 12668BWX7
CWALT 2006-12CB 1A3 12668BWY5
CWALT 2006-12CB 1A4 12668BWZ2
CWALT 2006-12CB 1A5 12668BXA6
CWALT 2006-12CB 1A6 12668BXB4
CWALT 2006-12CB 1A7 12668BXC2
CWALT 2006-12CB 1A8 12668BXD0
CWALT 2006-12CB 1A9 12668BXE8
CWALT 2006-12CB A10 12668BXF5
CWALT 2006-12CB A11 12668BXG3
CWALT 2006-12CB X 12668BXH1
CWALT 2006-12CB PO 12668BXJ7
CWALT 2006-12CB AR 12668BXK4
CWALT 2006-12CB M 12668BXL2
CWALT 2006-12CB B1 12668BXM0
CWALT 2006-12CB B2 12668BXN8
CWALT 2006-12CB B3 12668BXP3
CWALT 2006-12CB B4 12668BXQ1
CWALT 2006-12CB B5 12668BXR9
CWALT 2006-13T1 M2 12668BA29
CWALT 2006-13T1 B1 12668BA37
CWALT 2006-13T1 B2 12668BA45
CWALT 2006-13T1 B3 12668BA52
CWALT 2006-13T1 B4 12668BA60
CWALT 2006-13T1 B5 12668BA78
CWALT 2006-13T1 AR 12668BA94
CWALT 2006-13T1 A1 12668BZB2
CWALT 2006-13T1 A2 12668BZC0
CWALT 2006-13T1 A3 12668BZD8
CWALT 2006-13T1 A4 12668BZE6
CWALT 2006-13T1 A5 12668BZF3
CWALT 2006-13T1 A6 12668BZG1
CWALT 2006-13T1 A7 12668BZH9
CWALT 2006-13T1 A8 12668BZJ5
CWALT 2006-13T1 A9 12668BZK2
CWALT 2006-13T1 A10 12668BZL0
CWALT 2006-13T1 A11 12668BZM8
CWALT 2006-13T1 A12 12668BZN6
CWALT 2006-13T1 A13 12668BZP1
CWALT 2006-13T1 A14 12668BZQ9
CWALT 2006-13T1 A15 12668BZR7
CWALT 2006-13T1 A16 12668BZS5
CWALT 2006-13T1 A17 12668BZT3
CWALT 2006-13T1 A18 12668BZU0
CWALT 2006-13T1 A19 12668BZV8
CWALT 2006-13T1 A20 12668BZW6
CWALT 2006-13T1 X 12668BZX4
CWALT 2006-13T1 PO 12668BZY2
CWALT 2006-13T1 M1 12668BZZ9
CWALT 2006-14CB A1 021468AA1
CWALT 2006-14CB A2 021468AB9
CWALT 2006-14CB A3 021468AC7
CWALT 2006-14CB A4 021468AD5
CWALT 2006-14CB A5 021468AE3
CWALT 2006-14CB A6 021468AF0
CWALT 2006-14CB A7 021468AG8
CWALT 2006-14CB A8 021468AH6
CWALT 2006-14CB A9 021468AJ2
CWALT 2006-14CB A10 021468AK9
CWALT 2006-14CB A11 021468AL7
CWALT 2006-14CB X 021468AM5
CWALT 2006-14CB PO 021468AN3
CWALT 2006-14CB AR 021468AP8
CWALT 2006-14CB M 021468AQ6
CWALT 2006-14CB B1 021468AR4
CWALT 2006-14CB B2 021468AS2
CWALT 2006-14CB B3 021468AT0
CWALT 2006-14CB B4 021468AU7
CWALT 2006-14CB B5 021468AV5
CWALT 2006-15CB A1 021467AA3
CWALT 2006-15CB X 021467AB1
CWALT 2006-15CB PO 021467AC9
CWALT 2006-15CB AR 021467AD7
CWALT 2006-15CB M 021467AE5
CWALT 2006-15CB B1 021467AF2
CWALT 2006-15CB B2 021467AG0
CWALT 2006-15CB B3 021467AH8
CWALT 2006-15CB B4 021467AJ4
CWALT 2006-15CB B5 021467AK1
CWALT 2006-16CB A1 021460AA8
CWALT 2006-16CB A2 021460AB6
CWALT 2006-16CB A3 021460AC4
CWALT 2006-16CB A4 021460AD2
CWALT 2006-16CB A5 021460AE0
CWALT 2006-16CB A6 021460AF7
CWALT 2006-16CB A7 021460AG5
CWALT 2006-16CB X 021460AH3
CWALT 2006-16CB PO 021460AJ9
CWALT 2006-16CB AR 021460AK6
CWALT 2006-16CB M 021460AL4
CWALT 2006-16CB B1 021460AM2
CWALT 2006-16CB B2 021460AN0
CWALT 2006-16CB B3 021460AP5
CWALT 2006-16CB B4 021460AR1
CWALT 2006-16CB B5 021460AT7
CWALT 2006-16CB A8 021460AV2
CWALT 2006-16CB A9 021460AW0
CWALT 2006-17T1 A1 02146AAA6
CWALT 2006-17T1 A2 02146AAB4
CWALT 2006-17T1 A3 02146AAC2
CWALT 2006-17T1 PO 02146AAD0
CWALT 2006-17T1 X 02146AAE8
CWALT 2006-17T1 AR 02146AAF5
CWALT 2006-17T1 M1 02146AAG3
CWALT 2006-17T1 B1 02146AAH1
CWALT 2006-17T1 B2 02146AAJ7
CWALT 2006-17T1 B3 02146AAK4
CWALT 2006-17T1 B4 02146AAL2
CWALT 2006-17T1 B5 02146AAM0
CWALT 2006-17T1 M2 02146AAN8
CWALT 2006-17T1 M3 02146AAP3
CWALT 2006-17T1 M4 02146AAQ1
CWALT 2006-18CB A1 02147FAA4
CWALT 2006-18CB A2 02147FAB2
CWALT 2006-18CB A3 02147FAC0
CWALT 2006-18CB A4 02147FAD8
CWALT 2006-18CB A5 02147FAE6
CWALT 2006-18CB X 02147FAF3
CWALT 2006-18CB PO 02147FAG1
CWALT 2006-18CB AR 02147FAH9
CWALT 2006-18CB M 02147FAJ5
CWALT 2006-18CB B1 02147FAK2
CWALT 2006-18CB B2 02147FAL0
CWALT 2006-18CB B3 02147FAM8
CWALT 2006-18CB B4 02147FAN6
CWALT 2006-18CB B5 02147FAP1
CWALT 2006-18CB A6 02147FAQ9
CWALT 2006-18CB A7 02147FAR7
CWALT 2006-18CB A8 02147FAS5
CWALT 2006-18CB A9 02147FAT3
CWALT 2006-18CB A10 02147FAU0
CWALT 2006-18CB A11 02147FAV8
CWALT 2006-18CB A12 02147FAW6
CWALT 2006-18CB A13 02147FAX4
CWALT 2006-18CB A14 02147FAY2
CWALT 2006-18CB A15 02147FAZ9
CWALT 2006-18CB A16 02147FBA3
CWALT 2006-19CB A1 02147QAA0
CWALT 2006-19CB A2 02147QAB8
CWALT 2006-19CB A3 02147QAC6
CWALT 2006-19CB A4 02147QAD4
CWALT 2006-19CB A5 02147QAE2
CWALT 2006-19CB A6 02147QAF9
CWALT 2006-19CB A7 02147QAG7
CWALT 2006-19CB A8 02147QAH5
CWALT 2006-19CB A9 02147QAJ1
CWALT 2006-19CB A10 02147QAK8
CWALT 2006-19CB A11 02147QAL6
CWALT 2006-19CB A12 02147QAM4
CWALT 2006-19CB A13 02147QAN2
CWALT 2006-19CB A14 02147QAP7
CWALT 2006-19CB A15 02147QAQ5
CWALT 2006-19CB A16 02147QAR3
CWALT 2006-19CB A17 02147QAS1
CWALT 2006-19CB A18 02147QAT9
CWALT 2006-19CB A19 02147QAU6
CWALT 2006-19CB A20 02147QAV4
CWALT 2006-19CB A21 02147QAW2
CWALT 2006-19CB A22 02147QAX0
CWALT 2006-19CB A23 02147QAY8
CWALT 2006-19CB A24 02147QAZ5
CWALT 2006-19CB A25 02147QBA9
CWALT 2006-19CB A26 02147QBB7
CWALT 2006-19CB A27 02147QBC5
CWALT 2006-19CB A28 02147QBD3
CWALT 2006-19CB A29 02147QBE1
CWALT 2006-19CB A30 02147QBF8
CWALT 2006-19CB A31 02147QBG6
CWALT 2006-19CB A32 02147QBH4
CWALT 2006-19CB A33 02147QBJ0
CWALT 2006-19CB X 02147QBK7
CWALT 2006-19CB PO 02147QBL5
CWALT 2006-19CB AR 02147QBM3
CWALT 2006-19CB M 02147QBN1
CWALT 2006-19CB B1 02147QBP6
CWALT 2006-19CB B2 02147QBQ4
CWALT 2006-19CB B3 02147QBR2
CWALT 2006-19CB B4 02147QBS0
CWALT 2006-19CB B5 02147QBT8
CWALT 2006-20CB A1 02147MAA9
CWALT 2006-20CB A2 02147MAB7
CWALT 2006-20CB A3 02147MAC5
CWALT 2006-20CB A4 02147MAD3
CWALT 2006-20CB A5 02147MAE1
CWALT 2006-20CB A6 02147MAF8
CWALT 2006-20CB A7 02147MAG6
CWALT 2006-20CB A8 02147MAH4
CWALT 2006-20CB A9 02147MAJ0
CWALT 2006-20CB A10 02147MAK7
CWALT 2006-20CB A11 02147MAL5
CWALT 2006-20CB A12 02147MAM3
CWALT 2006-20CB A13 02147MAN1
CWALT 2006-20CB A14 02147MAP6
CWALT 2006-20CB A15 02147MAQ4
CWALT 2006-20CB A16 02147MAR2
CWALT 2006-20CB X 02147MAS0
CWALT 2006-20CB PO 02147MAT8
CWALT 2006-20CB AR 02147MAU5
CWALT 2006-20CB M 02147MAV3
CWALT 2006-20CB B1 02147MAW1
CWALT 2006-20CB B2 02147MAX9
CWALT 2006-20CB B3 02147MAY7
CWALT 2006-20CB B4 02147MAZ4
CWALT 2006-20CB B5 02147MBA8
CWALT 2006-21CB A1 02147GAA2
CWALT 2006-21CB A2 02147GAB0
CWALT 2006-21CB A3 02147GAC8
CWALT 2006-21CB A4 02147GAD6
CWALT 2006-21CB A5 02147GAE4
CWALT 2006-21CB A6 02147GAF1
CWALT 2006-21CB A7 02147GAG9
CWALT 2006-21CB A8 02147GAH7
CWALT 2006-21CB X 02147GAJ3
CWALT 2006-21CB PO 02147GAK0
CWALT 2006-21CB AR 02147GAL8
CWALT 2006-21CB M1 02147GAM6
CWALT 2006-21CB B1 02147GAN4
CWALT 2006-21CB B2 02147GAP9
CWALT 2006-21CB B3 02147GAQ7
CWALT 2006-21CB B4 02147GAR5
CWALT 2006-21CB B5 02147GAS3
CWALT 2006-21CB M2 02147GAT1
CWALT 2006-22R A1 02147LAA1
CWALT 2006-22R A2 02147LAB9
CWALT 2006-22R A3 02147LAC7
CWALT 2006-22R A4 02147LAD5
CWALT 2006-22R A5 02147LAE3
CWALT 2006-22R A6 02147LAF0
CWALT 2006-22R A7 02147LAG8
CWALT 2006-22R A8 02147LAH6
CWALT 2006-22R A9 02147LAJ2
CWALT 2006-22R A10 02147LAK9
CWALT 2006-22R 2A1 02147LAL7
CWALT 2006-22R 2A2 02147LAM5
CWALT 2006-22R 2A3 02147LAN3
CWALT 2006-22R AR 02147LAP8
CWALT 2006-23CB 1A1 02147RAA8
CWALT 2006-23CB 1A2 02147RAB6
CWALT 2006-23CB 1A3 02147RAC4
CWALT 2006-23CB 1A4 02147RAD2
CWALT 2006-23CB 1A5 02147RAE0
CWALT 2006-23CB 1A6 02147RAF7
CWALT 2006-23CB 1A7 02147RAG5
CWALT 2006-23CB 1A8 02147RAH3
CWALT 2006-23CB 1A9 02147RAJ9
CWALT 2006-23CB 1A10 02147RAK6
CWALT 2006-23CB 1A11 02147RAL4
CWALT 2006-23CB 1A12 02147RAM2
CWALT 2006-23CB 2A1 02147RAN0
CWALT 2006-23CB 2A2 02147RAP5
CWALT 2006-23CB 2A3 02147RAQ3
CWALT 2006-23CB 2A4 02147RAR1
CWALT 2006-23CB 2A5 02147RAS9
CWALT 2006-23CB 2A6 02147RAT7
CWALT 2006-23CB 2A7 02147RAU4
CWALT 2006-23CB 2A8 02147RAV2
CWALT 2006-23CB 1X 02147RAW0
CWALT 2006-23CB 2X 02147RAX8
CWALT 2006-23CB PO 02147RAY6
CWALT 2006-23CB B3 02147RAZ3
CWALT 2006-23CB B4 02147RBA7
CWALT 2006-23CB B5 02147RBB5
CWALT 2006-23CB AR 02147RBC3
CWALT 2006-23CB M 02147RBD1
CWALT 2006-23CB B1 02147RBE9
CWALT 2006-23CB B2 02147RBF6
CWALT 2006-23CB 2A9 02147RBG4
CWALT 2006-23CB 2A10 02147RBH2
CWALT 2006-24CB A1 02146TAA5
CWALT 2006-24CB A2 02146TAB3
CWALT 2006-24CB A3 02146TAC1
CWALT 2006-24CB A4 02146TAD9
CWALT 2006-24CB A5 02146TAE7
CWALT 2006-24CB A6 02146TAF4
CWALT 2006-24CB A7 02146TAG2
CWALT 2006-24CB A8 02146TAH0
CWALT 2006-24CB A9 02146TAJ6
CWALT 2006-24CB A10 02146TAK3
CWALT 2006-24CB A11 02146TAL1
CWALT 2006-24CB A12 02146TAM9
CWALT 2006-24CB A13 02146TAN7
CWALT 2006-24CB A14 02146TAP2
CWALT 2006-24CB A15 02146TAQ0
CWALT 2006-24CB A16 02146TAR8
CWALT 2006-24CB A17 02146TAS6
CWALT 2006-24CB A18 02146TAT4
CWALT 2006-24CB A19 02146TAU1
CWALT 2006-24CB A20 02146TAV9
CWALT 2006-24CB A21 02146TAW7
CWALT 2006-24CB A22 02146TAX5
CWALT 2006-24CB A23 02146TAY3
CWALT 2006-24CB A24 02146TAZ0
CWALT 2006-24CB X 02146TBA4
CWALT 2006-24CB PO 02146TBB2
CWALT 2006-24CB AR 02146TBC0
CWALT 2006-24CB M 02146TBD8
CWALT 2006-24CB B1 02146TBE6
CWALT 2006-24CB B2 02146TBF3
CWALT 2006-24CB B3 02146TBG1
CWALT 2006-24CB B4 02146TBH9
CWALT 2006-24CB B5 02146TBJ5
CWALT 2006-25CB A1 02147VAA9
CWALT 2006-25CB A2 02147VAB7
CWALT 2006-25CB A3 02147VAC5
CWALT 2006-25CB A4 02147VAD3
CWALT 2006-25CB A5 02147VAE1
CWALT 2006-25CB A6 02147VAF8
CWALT 2006-25CB A7 02147VAG6
CWALT 2006-25CB A8 02147VAH4
CWALT 2006-25CB A9 02147VAJ0
CWALT 2006-25CB A10 02147VAK7
CWALT 2006-25CB A11 02147VAL5
CWALT 2006-25CB A12 02147VAM3
CWALT 2006-25CB A13 02147VAN1
CWALT 2006-25CB X 02147VAP6
CWALT 2006-25CB PO 02147VAQ4
CWALT 2006-25CB AR 02147VAR2
CWALT 2006-25CB M 02147VAS0
CWALT 2006-25CB B1 02147VAT8
CWALT 2006-25CB B2 02147VAU5
CWALT 2006-25CB B3 02147VAV3
CWALT 2006-25CB B4 02147VAW1
CWALT 2006-25CB B5 02147VAX9
CWALT 2006-26CB A1 02147WAA7
CWALT 2006-26CB A2 02147WAB5
CWALT 2006-26CB A3 02147WAC3
CWALT 2006-26CB A4 02147WAD1
CWALT 2006-26CB A5 02147WAE9
CWALT 2006-26CB A6 02147WAF6
CWALT 2006-26CB A7 02147WAG4
CWALT 2006-26CB A8 02147WAH2
CWALT 2006-26CB A9 02147WAJ8
CWALT 2006-26CB A10 02147WAK5
CWALT 2006-26CB A11 02147WAL3
CWALT 2006-26CB A12 02147WAM1
CWALT 2006-26CB A13 02147WAN9
CWALT 2006-26CB A14 02147WAP4
CWALT 2006-26CB A15 02147WAQ2
CWALT 2006-26CB A16 02147WAR0
CWALT 2006-26CB A17 02147WAS8
CWALT 2006-26CB A18 02147WAT6
CWALT 2006-26CB A19 02147WAU3
CWALT 2006-26CB A20 02147WAV1
CWALT 2006-26CB A21 02147WAW9
CWALT 2006-26CB X 02147WAX7
CWALT 2006-26CB PO 02147WAY5
CWALT 2006-26CB AR 02147WAZ2
CWALT 2006-26CB M1 02147WBA6
CWALT 2006-26CB M2 02147WBB4
CWALT 2006-26CB M3 02147WBC2
CWALT 2006-26CB M4 02147WBD0
CWALT 2006-26CB B1 02147WBE8
CWALT 2006-26CB B2 02147WBF5
CWALT 2006-26CB B3 02147WBG3
CWALT 2006-26CB B4 02147WBH1
CWALT 2006-26CB B5 02147WBJ7
CWALT 2006-27CB A1 02147YAA3
CWALT 2006-27CB A2 02147YAB1
CWALT 2006-27CB A3 02147YAC9
CWALT 2006-27CB A4 02147YAD7
CWALT 2006-27CB A5 02147YAE5
CWALT 2006-27CB A6 02147YAF2
CWALT 2006-27CB A7 02147YAG0
CWALT 2006-27CB A8 02147YAH8
CWALT 2006-27CB A9 02147YAJ4
CWALT 2006-27CB A10 02147YAK1
CWALT 2006-27CB A11 02147YAL9
CWALT 2006-27CB A12 02147YAM7
CWALT 2006-27CB A13 02147YAN5
CWALT 2006-27CB X 02147YAP0
CWALT 2006-27CB PO 02147YAQ8
CWALT 2006-27CB AR 02147YAR6
CWALT 2006-27CB M 02147YAS4
CWALT 2006-27CB B1 02147YAT2
CWALT 2006-27CB B2 02147YAU9
CWALT 2006-27CB B3 02147YAV7
CWALT 2006-27CB B4 02147YAW5
CWALT 2006-27CB B5 02147YAX3
CWALT 2006-28CB A1 02147TAA4
CWALT 2006-28CB A2 02147TAB2
CWALT 2006-28CB A3 02147TAC0
CWALT 2006-28CB A4 02147TAD8
CWALT 2006-28CB A5 02147TAE6
CWALT 2006-28CB A6 02147TAF3
CWALT 2006-28CB A7 02147TAG1
CWALT 2006-28CB A9 02147TAJ5
CWALT 2006-28CB A10 02147TAK2
CWALT 2006-28CB A11 02147TAL0
CWALT 2006-28CB A12 02147TAM8
CWALT 2006-28CB A13 02147TAN6
CWALT 2006-28CB A14 02147TAP1
CWALT 2006-28CB A15 02147TAQ9
CWALT 2006-28CB A16 02147TAR7
CWALT 2006-28CB A17 02147TAS5
CWALT 2006-28CB A18 02147TAT3
CWALT 2006-28CB A19 02147TAU0
CWALT 2006-28CB A20 02147TAV8
CWALT 2006-28CB A21 02147TAW6
CWALT 2006-28CB X 02147TAX4
CWALT 2006-28CB PO 02147TAY2
CWALT 2006-28CB AR 02147TAZ9
CWALT 2006-28CB M 02147TBA3
CWALT 2006-28CB B1 02147TBB1
CWALT 2006-28CB B2 02147TBC9
CWALT 2006-28CB B3 02147TBD7
CWALT 2006-28CB B4 02147TBE5
CWALT 2006-28CB B5 02147TBF2
CWALT 2006-28CB MA 02147TBG0
CWALT 2006-29T1 1A1 02147PAA2
CWALT 2006-29T1 1A2 02147PAB0
CWALT 2006-29T1 1A3 02147PAC8
CWALT 2006-29T1 1A4 02147PAD6
CWALT 2006-29T1 1A5 02147PAE4
CWALT 2006-29T1 1A6 02147PAF1
CWALT 2006-29T1 1A7 02147PAG9
CWALT 2006-29T1 1X 02147PAH7
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A1 02147PAJ3
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A2 02147PAK0
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A3 02147PAL8
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A4 02147PAM6
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A5 02147PAN4
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A6 02147PAP9
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A7 02147PAQ7
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A8 02147PAR5
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A9 02147PAS3
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A10 02147PAT1
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A11 02147PAU8
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A12 02147PAV6
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A13 02147PAW4
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A14 02147PAX2
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A15 02147PAY0
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A16 02147PAZ7
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A17 02147PBA1
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A18 02147PBB9
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A19 02147PBC7
CWALT 2006-29T1 2X 02147PBD5
CWALT 2006-29T1 3A1 02147PBE3
CWALT 2006-29T1 3A2 02147PBF0
CWALT 2006-29T1 3A3 02147PBG8
CWALT 2006-29T1 3A4 02147PBH6
CWALT 2006-29T1 3A5 02147PBJ2
CWALT 2006-29T1 3A6 02147PBK9
CWALT 2006-29T1 3A7 02147PBL7
CWALT 2006-29T1 3A8 02147PBM5
CWALT 2006-29T1 3X 02147PBN3
CWALT 2006-29T1 PO 02147PBP8
CWALT 2006-29T1 AR 02147PBQ6
CWALT 2006-29T1 M1 02147PBR4
CWALT 2006-29T1 B1 02147PBS2
CWALT 2006-29T1 B2 02147PBT0
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A20 02147PBU7
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A21 02147PBV5
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A22 02147PBW3
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A23 02147PBX1
CWALT 2006-29T1 3A9 02147PBY9
CWALT 2006-29T1 B3 02147PCE2
CWALT 2006-29T1 B4 02147PCF9
CWALT 2006-29T1 B5 02147PCG7
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A24 02147PCH5
CWALT 2006-29T1 2A25 02147PCJ1
CWALT 2006-29T1 M2 02147PCK8
CWALT 2006-29T1 M3 02147PCL6
CWALT 2006-29T1 M4 02147PCM4
CWALT 2006-29T1 M5 02147PCN2
CWALT 2006-2CB A1 12668BLA9
CWALT 2006-2CB A2 12668BLB7
CWALT 2006-2CB A4 12668BLD3
CWALT 2006-2CB A5 12668BLE1
CWALT 2006-2CB A6 12668BLF8
CWALT 2006-2CB A7 12668BLG6
CWALT 2006-2CB A8 12668BLH4
CWALT 2006-2CB A9 12668BLJ0
CWALT 2006-2CB A10 12668BLK7
CWALT 2006-2CB A11 12668BLL5
CWALT 2006-2CB X 12668BLM3
CWALT 2006-2CB PO 12668BLN1
CWALT 2006-2CB AR 12668BLP6
CWALT 2006-2CB M 12668BLQ4
CWALT 2006-2CB B1 12668BLR2
CWALT 2006-2CB B2 12668BLS0
CWALT 2006-2CB B3 12668BLT8
CWALT 2006-2CB B4 12668BLU5
CWALT 2006-2CB B5 12668BLV3
CWALT 2006-2CB A12 12668BLW1
CWALT 2006-2CB A13 12668BLX9
CWALT 2006-2CB A14 12668BLY7
CWALT 2006-2CB A15 12668BLZ4
CWALT 2006-30T1 1A1 02146VAA0
CWALT 2006-30T1 1A2 02146VAB8
CWALT 2006-30T1 1A3 02146VAC6
CWALT 2006-30T1 1A4 02146VAD4
CWALT 2006-30T1 1A5 02146VAE2
CWALT 2006-30T1 1A6 02146VAF9
CWALT 2006-30T1 1X 02146VAG7
CWALT 2006-30T1 2A1 02146VAH5
CWALT 2006-30T1 2A2 02146VAJ1
CWALT 2006-30T1 2A3 02146VAK8
CWALT 2006-30T1 2A4 02146VAL6
CWALT 2006-30T1 2A5 02146VAM4
CWALT 2006-30T1 2A6 02146VAN2
CWALT 2006-30T1 2A7 02146VAP7
CWALT 2006-30T1 2X 02146VAQ5
CWALT 2006-30T1 PO 02146VAR3
CWALT 2006-30T1 AR 02146VAS1
CWALT 2006-30T1 M 02146VAT9
CWALT 2006-30T1 B1 02146VAU6
CWALT 2006-30T1 B2 02146VAV4
CWALT 2006-30T1 B3 02146VAW2
CWALT 2006-30T1 B4 02146VAX0
CWALT 2006-30T1 B5 02146VAY8
CWALT 2006-31CB A1 02148HAA9
CWALT 2006-31CB A2 02148HAB7
CWALT 2006-31CB A3 02148HAC5
CWALT 2006-31CB A4 02148HAD3
CWALT 2006-31CB A5 02148HAE1
CWALT 2006-31CB A6 02148HAF8
CWALT 2006-31CB A7 02148HAG6
CWALT 2006-31CB A8 02148HAH4
CWALT 2006-31CB A9 02148HAJ0
CWALT 2006-31CB A10 02148HAK7
CWALT 2006-31CB A11 02148HAL5
CWALT 2006-31CB A12 02148HAM3
CWALT 2006-31CB A13 02148HAN1
CWALT 2006-31CB A14 02148HAP6
CWALT 2006-31CB A15 02148HAQ4
CWALT 2006-31CB A16 02148HAR2
CWALT 2006-31CB A17 02148HAS0
CWALT 2006-31CB A18 02148HAT8
CWALT 2006-31CB A19 02148HAU5
CWALT 2006-31CB A20 02148HAV3
CWALT 2006-31CB A21 02148HAW1
CWALT 2006-31CB PO 02148HAX9
CWALT 2006-31CB AR 02148HAY7
CWALT 2006-31CB M 02148HAZ4
CWALT 2006-31CB B1 02148HBA8
CWALT 2006-31CB B2 02148HBB6
CWALT 2006-31CB B3 02148HBC4
CWALT 2006-31CB B4 02148HBD2
CWALT 2006-31CB B5 02148HBE0
CWALT 2006-31CB X 02148HBF7
CWALT 2006-31CB A22 02148HBG5
CWALT 2006-32CB A1 02147XAA5
CWALT 2006-32CB A2 02147XAB3
CWALT 2006-32CB A3 02147XAC1
CWALT 2006-32CB A4 02147XAD9
CWALT 2006-32CB A5 02147XAE7
CWALT 2006-32CB A6 02147XAF4
CWALT 2006-32CB A7 02147XAG2
CWALT 2006-32CB A8 02147XAH0
CWALT 2006-32CB A9 02147XAJ6
CWALT 2006-32CB A10 02147XAK3
CWALT 2006-32CB A11 02147XAL1
CWALT 2006-32CB A12 02147XAM9
CWALT 2006-32CB A13 02147XAN7
CWALT 2006-32CB A14 02147XAP2
CWALT 2006-32CB A15 02147XAQ0
CWALT 2006-32CB A16 02147XAR8
CWALT 2006-32CB A17 02147XAS6
CWALT 2006-32CB A18 02147XAT4
CWALT 2006-32CB A19 02147XAU1
CWALT 2006-32CB A20 02147XAV9
CWALT 2006-32CB A21 02147XAW7
CWALT 2006-32CB A22 02147XAX5
CWALT 2006-32CB X 02147XAY3
CWALT 2006-32CB PO 02147XAZ0
CWALT 2006-32CB AR 02147XBA4
CWALT 2006-32CB M 02147XBB2
CWALT 2006-32CB B1 02147XBCO
CWALT 2006-32CB B2 02147XBD8
CWALT 2006-32CB B3 02147XBE6
CWALT 2006-32CB B4 02147XBF3
CWALT 2006-32CB B5 02147XBG1
CWALT 2006-33CB 1A1 02148BAA2
CWALT 2006-33CB 1X 02148BAB0
CWALT 2006-33CB 2A1 02148BAC8
CWALT 2006-33CB 2X 02148BAD6
CWALT 2006-33CB PO 02148BAE4
CWALT 2006-33CB AR 02148BAF1
CWALT 2006-33CB B1 02148BAH7
CWALT 2006-33CB B2 02148BAJ3
CWALT 2006-33CB B3 02148BAK0
CWALT 2006-33CB B4 02148BAL8
CWALT 2006-33CB B5 02148BAM6
CWALT 2006-34 A1 02148AAA4
CWALT 2006-34 A2 02148AAB2
CWALT 2006-34 A3 02148AAC0
CWALT 2006-34 A4 02148AAD8
CWALT 2006-34 A5 02148AAE6
CWALT 2006-34 A6 02148AAF3
CWALT 2006-34 A7 02148AAG1
CWALT 2006-34 X 02148AAH9
CWALT 2006-34 PO 02148AAJ5
CWALT 2006-34 AR 02148AAK2
CWALT 2006-34 M 02148AAL0
CWALT 2006-34 B1 02148AAM8
CWALT 2006-34 B2 02148AAN6
CWALT 2006-34 B3 02148AAP1
CWALT 2006-34 B4 02148AAQ9
CWALT 2006-34 B5 02148AAR7
CWALT 2006-34 A8 02148AAS5
CWALT 2006-34 A9 02148AAT3
CWALT 2006-35CB A1 02148CAA0
CWALT 2006-35CB X 02148CAB8
CWALT 2006-35CB PO 02148CAC6
CWALT 2006-35CB M 02148CAD4
CWALT 2006-35CB B1 02148CAE2
CWALT 2006-35CB B2 02148CAF9
CWALT 2006-35CB B3 02148CAG7
CWALT 2006-35CB B4 02148CAH5
CWALT 2006-35CB B5 02148CAJ1
CWALT 2006-35CB AR 02148CAK8
CWALT 2006-36T2 1A2 02146XAA6
CWALT 2006-36T2 1A3 02146XAB4
CWALT 2006-36T2 1A4 02146XAC2
CWALT 2006-36T2 1A5 02146XAD0
CWALT 2006-36T2 1A6 02146XAE8
CWALT 2006-36T2 1A7 02146XAF5
CWALT 2006-36T2 1A8 02146XAG3
CWALT 2006-36T2 1A9 02146XAH1
CWALT 2006-36T2 1A10 02146XAJ7
CWALT 2006-36T2 1A11 02146XAK4
CWALT 2006-36T2 1A12 02146XAL2
CWALT 2006-36T2 1A13 02146XAM0
CWALT 2006-36T2 1A14 02146XAN8
CWALT 2006-36T2 1A15 02146XAP3
CWALT 2006-36T2 1A16 02146XAQ1
CWALT 2006-36T2 1X 02146XAR9
CWALT 2006-36T2 2A1 02146XAS7
CWALT 2006-36T2 2A2 02146XAT5
CWALT 2006-36T2 2A3 02146XAU2
CWALT 2006-36T2 2A4 02146XAV0
CWALT 2006-36T2 2A5 02146XAW8
CWALT 2006-36T2 2A6 02146XAX6
CWALT 2006-36T2 2A7 02146XAY4
CWALT 2006-36T2 2A8 02146XAZ1
CWALT 2006-36T2 2X 02146XBA5
CWALT 2006-36T2 PO 02146XBB3
CWALT 2006-36T2 AR 02146XBC1
CWALT 2006-36T2 M1 02146XBD9
CWALT 2006-36T2 M2 02146XBE7
CWALT 2006-36T2 B1 02146XBF4
CWALT 2006-36T2 B2 02146XBG2
CWALT 2006-36T2 B3 02146XBH0
CWALT 2006-36T2 B4 02146XBJ6
CWALT 2006-36T2 B5 02146XBK3
CWALT 2006-36T2 1A1 02146XBL1
CWALT 2006-37R A1 02147UAA1
CWALT 2006-37R A2 02147UAB9
CWALT 2006-37R AR 02147UAC7
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-1 02148JAA5
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-2 02148JAB3
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-3 02148JAC1
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-4 02148JAD9
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-5 02148JAE7
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-6 02148JAF4
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-7 02148JAG2
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-8 02148JAH0
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-9 02148JAJ6
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-10 02148JAK3
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-11 02148JAL1
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-12 02148JAM9
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-14 02148JAN7
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-15 02148JAP2
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-16 02148JAQ0
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-17 02148JAR8
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-18 02148JAS6
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-19 02148JAT4
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-20 02148JAU1
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-X 02148JAV9
CWALT 2006-39CB 2-A-1 02148JAW7
CWALT 2006-39CB 2-A-2 02148JAX5
CWALT 2006-39CB 2-A-3 02148JAY3
CWALT 2006-39CB 2-A-4 02148JAZ0
CWALT 2006-39CB 2-A-5 02148JBA4
CWALT 2006-39CB 2-X 02148JBB2
CWALT 2006-39CB PO 02148JBC0
CWALT 2006-39CB A-R 02148JBD8
CWALT 2006-39CB M-1 02148JBE6
CWALT 2006-39CB B-1 02148JBF3
CWALT 2006-39CB B-2 02148JBG1
CWALT 2006-39CB B-3 02148JBH9
CWALT 2006-39CB B-4 02148JBJ5
CWALT 2006-39CB B-5 02148JBK2
CWALT 2006-39CB 1-A-13 02148JBL0
CWALT 2006-39CB M-2 02148JBM8
CWALT 2006-39CB M-3 02148JBN6
CWALT 2006-39CB M-4 02148JBP1
CWALT 2006-39CB M-5 02148JBQ9
CWALT 2006-39CB M-6 02148JBR7
CWALT 2006-39CB M-7 02148JBS5
CWALT 2006-40T1 1A1 02148KAA2
CWALT 2006-40T1 1A2 02148KAB0
CWALT 2006-40T1 1A3 02148KAC8
CWALT 2006-40T1 1A4 02148KAD6
CWALT 2006-40T1 1A5 02148KAE4
CWALT 2006-40T1 1A6 02148KAF1
CWALT 2006-40T1 1A7 02148KAG9
CWALT 2006-40T1 1A8 02148KAH7
CWALT 2006-40T1 1A9 02148KAJ3
CWALT 2006-40T1 1A10 02148KAK0
CWALT 2006-40T1 1A11 02148KAL8
CWALT 2006-40T1 1A12 02148KAM6
CWALT 2006-40T1 1A13 02148KAN4
CWALT 2006-40T1 1A14 02148KAP9
CWALT 2006-40T1 2A1 02148KAQ7
CWALT 2006-40T1 2A2 02148KAR5
CWALT 2006-40T1 2A3 02148KAS3
CWALT 2006-40T1 2A4 02148KAT1
CWALT 2006-40T1 2A5 02148KAU8
CWALT 2006-40T1 2A6 02148KAV6
CWALT 2006-40T1 2A7 02148KAW4
CWALT 2006-40T1 AR 02148KAX2
CWALT 2006-40T1 1X 02148KAY0
CWALT 2006-40T1 2X 02148KAZ7
CWALT 2006-40T1 PO1 02148KBA1
CWALT 2006-40T1 M1 02148KBB9
CWALT 2006-40T1 M2 02148KBC7
CWALT 2006-40T1 M3 02148KBD5
CWALT 2006-40T1 M4 02148KBE3
CWALT 2006-40T1 B1 02148KBF0
CWALT 2006-40T1 B2 02148KBG8
CWALT 2006-40T1 B3 02148KBH6
CWALT 2006-40T1 B4 02148KBJ2
CWALT 2006-40T1 B5 02148KBK9
CWALT 2006-41CB 1A1 02149CAA9
CWALT 2006-41CB 1A2 02149CAB7
CWALT 2006-41CB 1A3 02149CAC5
CWALT 2006-41CB 1A4 02149CAD3
CWALT 2006-41CB 1A5 02149CAE1
CWALT 2006-41CB 1A6 02149CAF8
CWALT 2006-41CB 1A7 02149CAG6
CWALT 2006-41CB 1A8 02149CAH4
CWALT 2006-41CB 1A9 02149CAJ0
CWALT 2006-41CB 1A10 02149CAK7
CWALT 2006-41CB 1A11 02149CAL5
CWALT 2006-41CB 1A12 02149CAM3
CWALT 2006-41CB 1A13 02149CAN1
CWALT 2006-41CB 1A14 02149CAP6
CWALT 2006-41CB 1A15 02149CAQ4
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A1 02149CAR2
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A2 02149CAS0
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A3 02149CAT8
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A4 02149CAU5
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A5 02149CAV3
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A6 02149CAW1
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A7 02149CAX9
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A8 02149CAY7
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A9 02149CAZ4
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A10 02149CBA8
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A11 02149CBB6
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A12 02149CBC4
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A13 02149CBD2
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A14 02149CBE0
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A15 02149CBF7
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A16 02149CBG5
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A17 02149CBH3
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A18 02149CBJ9
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A19 02149CBK6
CWALT 2006-41CB 2A20 02149CBL4
CWALT 2006-41CB 1X 02149CBM2
CWALT 2006-41CB 2X 02149CBN0
CWALT 2006-41CB PO1 02149CBP5
CWALT 2006-41CB PO2 02149CBQ3
CWALT 2006-41CB AR 02149CBR1
CWALT 2006-41CB 1M 02149CBS9
CWALT 2006-41CB 1B1 02149CBT7
CWALT 2006-41CB 1B2 02149CBU4
CWALT 2006-41CB 2M 02149CBV2
CWALT 2006-41CB 2B1 02149CBW0
CWALT 2006-41CB 2B2 02149CBX8
CWALT 2006-41CB 1B3 02149CBY6
CWALT 2006-41CB 1B4 02149CBZ3
CWALT 2006-41CB 1B5 02149CCA7
CWALT 2006-41CB 2B3 02149CCB5
CWALT 2006-41CB 2B4 02149CCC3
CWALT 2006-41CB 2B5 02149CCD1
CWALT 2006-42 1A1 02148YAA2
CWALT 2006-42 1A2 02148YAB0
CWALT 2006-42 1A3 02148YAC8
CWALT 2006-42 1A4 02148YAD6
CWALT 2006-42 1A5 02148YAE4
CWALT 2006-42 1A6 02148YAF1
CWALT 2006-42 1A7 02148YAG9
CWALT 2006-42 1X 02148YAH7
CWALT 2006-42 2A1 02148YAJ3
CWALT 2006-42 2X 02148YAK0
CWALT 2006-42 PO 02148YAL8
CWALT 2006-42 AR 02148YAM6
CWALT 2006-42 M 02148YAN4
CWALT 2006-42 B1 02148YAP9
CWALT 2006-42 B2 02148YAQ7
CWALT 2006-42 B3 02148YAR5
CWALT 2006-42 B4 02148YAS3
CWALT 2006-42 B5 02148YAT1
CWALT 2006-42 1A8 02148YAU8
CWALT 2006-43CB 3B5 02147FBV5
CWALT 2006-43CB 1A1 02149FAA2
CWALT 2006-43CB 1A2 02149FAB0
CWALT 2006-43CB 1A3 02149FAC8
CWALT 2006-43CB 1A4 02149FAD6
CWALT 2006-43CB 1A5 02149FAE4
CWALT 2006-43CB 1A7 02149FAG9
CWALT 2006-43CB 1A8 02149FAH7
CWALT 2006-43CB 1A9 02149FAJ3
CWALT 2006-43CB 110 02149FAK0
CWALT 2006-43CB 111 02149FAL8
CWALT 2006-43CB 112 02149FAM6
CWALT 2006-43CB 113 02149FAN4
CWALT 2006-43CB 114 02149FAP9
CWALT 2006-43CB 115 02149FAQ7
CWALT 2006-43CB 116 02149FAR5
CWALT 2006-43CB 117 02149FAS3
CWALT 2006-43CB 118 02149FAT1
CWALT 2006-43CB 119 02149FAU8
CWALT 2006-43CB 120 02149FAV6
CWALT 2006-43CB 2A1 02149FAW4
CWALT 2006-43CB 3A1 02149FAX2
CWALT 2006-43CB 3A2 02149FAY0
CWALT 2006-43CB 3A3 02149FBA1
CWALT 2006-43CB 3A4 02149FBB9
CWALT 2006-43CB 1X 02149FBC7
CWALT 2006-43CB 2X 02149FBD5
CWALT 2006-43CB 3X 02149FBE3
CWALT 2006-43CB PO 02149FBF0
CWALT 2006-43CB 3PO 02149FBG8
CWALT 2006-43CB AR 02149FBH6
CWALT 2006-43CB M 02149FBJ2
CWALT 2006-43CB B1 02149FBK9
CWALT 2006-43CB B2 02149FBL7
CWALT 2006-43CB 3M 02149FBM5
CWALT 2006-43CB 3B1 02149FBN3
CWALT 2006-43CB 3B2 02149FBP8
CWALT 2006-43CB B3 02149FBQ6
CWALT 2006-43CB B4 02149FBR4
CWALT 2006-43CB B5 02149FBS2
CWALT 2006-43CB 3B3 02149FBT0
CWALT 2006-43CB 3B4 02149FBU7
CWALT 2006-45T1 1A1 02149JAA4
CWALT 2006-45T1 1A2 02149JAB2
CWALT 2006-45T1 1A3 02149JAC0
CWALT 2006-45T1 1A4 02149JAD8
CWALT 2006-45T1 1A5 02149JAE6
CWALT 2006-45T1 1A6 02149JAF3
CWALT 2006-45T1 1A7 02149JAG1
CWALT 2006-45T1 1A8 02149JAH9
CWALT 2006-45T1 1A9 02149JAJ5
CWALT 2006-45T1 1A10 02149JAK2
CWALT 2006-45T1 1A11 02149JAL0
CWALT 2006-45T1 1A12 02149JAM8
CWALT 2006-45T1 1A13 02149JAN6
CWALT 2006-45T1 1A14 02149JAP1
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A1 02149JAQ9
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A2 02149JAR7
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A3 02149JAS5
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A4 02149JAT3
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A5 02149JAU0
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A6 02149JAV8
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A7 02149JAW6
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A8 02149JAX4
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A9 02149JAY2
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A10 02149JAZ9
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A11 02149JBA3
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A12 02149JBB1
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A13 02149JBC9
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A14 02149JBD7
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A15 02149JBE5
CWALT 2006-45T1 1X 02149JBF2
CWALT 2006-45T1 2X 02149JBG0
CWALT 2006-45T1 PO 02149JBH8
CWALT 2006-45T1 M1 02149JBK1
CWALT 2006-45T1 AR 02149JBL4
CWALT 2006-45T1 M2 02149JBL9
CWALT 2006-45T1 M3 02149JBM7
CWALT 2006-45T1 M4 02149JBN5
CWALT 2006-45T1 M5 02149JBP0
CWALT 2006-45T1 M6 02149JBQ8
CWALT 2006-45T1 M7 02149JBR6
CWALT 2006-45T1 M8 02149JBS4
CWALT 2006-45T1 M9 02149JBT2
CWALT 2006-45T1 M10 02149JBU9
CWALT 2006-45T1 B1 02149JBV7
CWALT 2006-45T1 B2 02149JBW5
CWALT 2006-45T1 B3 02149JBX3
CWALT 2006-45T1 B4 02149JBY1
CWALT 2006-45T1 B5 02149JBZ8
CWALT 2006-45T1 1A15 02149JCA2
CWALT 2006-45T1 1A16 02149JCB0
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A16 02149JCC8
CWALT 2006-45T1 2A17 02149JCD6
CWALT 2006-46 A1 02147JAA6
CWALT 2006-46 A2 02147JAB4
CWALT 2006-46 A3 02147JAC2
CWALT 2006-46 A4 02147JAD0
CWALT 2006-46 A5 02147JAE8
CWALT 2006-46 A6 02147JAF5
CWALT 2006-46 A7 02147JAG3
CWALT 2006-46 A8 02147JAH1
CWALT 2006-46 A9 02147JAJ7
CWALT 2006-46 A10 02147JAK4
CWALT 2006-46 X 02147JAL2
CWALT 2006-46 PO 02147JAM0
CWALT 2006-46 AR 02147JAN8
CWALT 2006-46 M 02147JAP3
CWALT 2006-46 B1 02147JAQ1
CWALT 2006-46 B2 02147JAR9
CWALT 2006-46 B3 02147JAS7
CWALT 2006-46 B4 02147JAT5
CWALT 2006-46 B5 02147JAU2
CWALT 2006-4CB 1A1 12668BPM9
CWALT 2006-4CB 1A2 12668BPN7
CWALT 2006-4CB 1A3 12668BPP2
CWALT 2006-4CB 1A4 12668BPQ0
CWALT 2006-4CB 1A5 12668BPR8
CWALT 2006-4CB 1A6 12668BPS6
CWALT 2006-4CB 1A7 12668BPT4
CWALT 2006-4CB 1X 12668BPU1
CWALT 2006-4CB 2A1 12668BPV9
CWALT 2006-4CB 2A2 12668BPW7
CWALT 2006-4CB 2A3 12668BPX5
CWALT 2006-4CB 2A4 12668BPY3
CWALT 2006-4CB 2A5 12668BPZ0
CWALT 2006-4CB 2A6 12668BQA4
CWALT 2006-4CB 2A7 12668BQB2
CWALT 2006-4CB 2X 12668BQC0
CWALT 2006-4CB PO 12668BQD8
CWALT 2006-4CB AR 12668BQE6
CWALT 2006-4CB B1 12668BQF3
CWALT 2006-4CB B2 12668BQG1
CWALT 2006-4CB B3 12668BQH9
CWALT 2006-4CB B4 12668BQJ5
CWALT 2006-4CB B5 12668BQK2
CWALT 2006-4CB M 12668BQL0
CWALT 2006-5T2 A1 12668BMU4
CWALT 2006-5T2 A2 12668BMV2
CWALT 2006-5T2 A3 12668BMW0
CWALT 2006-5T2 A4 12668BMX8
CWALT 2006-5T2 A5 12668BMY6
CWALT 2006-5T2 A6 12668BMZ3
CWALT 2006-5T2 A7 12668BNA7
CWALT 2006-5T2 A8 12668BNB5
CWALT 2006-5T2 X 12668BNC3
CWALT 2006-5T2 PO 12668BND1
CWALT 2006-5T2 AR 12668BNE9
CWALT 2006-5T2 M1 12668BQM8
CWALT 2006-5T2 M2 12668BQN6
CWALT 2006-5T2 B1 12668BQP1
CWALT 2006-5T2 B2 12668BQQ9
CWALT 2006-5T2 B3 12668BQR7
CWALT 2006-5T2 B4 12668BQS5
CWALT 2006-5T2 B5 12668BQT3
CWALT 2006-5T2 A9 12668BRB1
CWALT 2006-6CB 1A11 12668BB28
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A17 12668BB36
CWALT 2006-6CB 1A1 12668BRW5
CWALT 2006-6CB 1A2 12668BRX3
CWALT 2006-6CB 1A3 12668BRY1
CWALT 2006-6CB 1A4 12668BRZ8
CWALT 2006-6CB 1A5 12668BSA2
CWALT 2006-6CB 1A6 12668BSB0
CWALT 2006-6CB 1A7 12668BSC8
CWALT 2006-6CB 1A8 12668BSD6
CWALT 2006-6CB 1A9 12668BSE4
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A1 12668BSF1
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A2 12668BSG9
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A3 12668BSH7
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A4 12668BSJ3
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A5 12668BSK0
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A6 12668BSL8
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A7 12668BSM6
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A8 12668BSN4
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A9 12668BSP9
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A10 12668BSQ7
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A11 12668BSR5
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A12 12668BSS3
CWALT 2006-6CB 1X 12668BST1
CWALT 2006-6CB 2X 12668BSU8
CWALT 2006-6CB PO 12668BSV6
CWALT 2006-6CB AR 12668BSW4
CWALT 2006-6CB M 12668BSX2
CWALT 2006-6CB B1 12668BSY0
CWALT 2006-6CB B2 12668BSZ7
CWALT 2006-6CB B3 12668BTA1
CWALT 2006-6CB B4 12668BTB9
CWALT 2006-6CB B5 12668BTC7
CWALT 2006-6CB 1A10 12668BUA9
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A13 12668BUB7
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A14 12668BUC5
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A15 12668BUD3
CWALT 2006-6CB 2A16 12668BUE1
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A1 12668BXS7
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A2 12668BXT5
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A3 12668BXU2
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A4 12668BXV0
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A5 12668BXW8
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A6 12668BXX6
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A7 12668BXY4
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A8 12668BXZ1
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A9 12668BYA5
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A10 12668BYB3
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A11 12668BYC1
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A12 12668BYD9
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A13 12668BYE7
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A14 12668BYF4
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A15 12668BYG2
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A16 12668BYH0
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A17 12668BYJ6
CWALT 2006-7CB 1A18 12668BYK3
CWALT 2006-7CB 1X 12668BYL1
CWALT 2006-7CB 2A1 12668BYM9
CWALT 2006-7CB 2A2 12668BYN7
CWALT 2006-7CB 2X 12668BYP2
CWALT 2006-7CB 3A1 12668BYQ0
CWALT 2006-7CB 3A2 12668BYR8
CWALT 2006-7CB 3X 12668BYS6
CWALT 2006-7CB PO 12668BYT4
CWALT 2006-7CB AR 12668BYU1
CWALT 2006-7CB M 12668BYV9
CWALT 2006-7CB B1 12668BYW7
CWALT 2006-7CB B2 12668BYX5
CWALT 2006-7CB B3 12668BYY3
CWALT 2006-7CB B4 12668BYZ0
CWALT 2006-7CB B5 12668BZA4
CWALT 2006-8T1 1A1 12668BME0
CWALT 2006-8T1 1A2 12668BMF7
CWALT 2006-8T1 1A3 12668BMG5
CWALT 2006-8T1 1A4 12668BMH3
CWALT 2006-8T1 1A5 12668BMJ9
CWALT 2006-8T1 1A6 12668BMK6
CWALT 2006-8T1 1X 12668BML4
CWALT 2006-8T1 2A1 12668BMM2
CWALT 2006-8T1 2A2 12668BMN0
CWALT 2006-8T1 2A3 12668BMP5
CWALT 2006-8T1 2A4 12668BMQ3
CWALT 2006-8T1 2X 12668BMR1
CWALT 2006-8T1 PO 12668BMS9
CWALT 2006-8T1 AR 12668BMT7
CWALT 2006-8T1 M1 12668BQU0
CWALT 2006-8T1 M2 12668BQV8
CWALT 2006-8T1 B1 12668BQW6
CWALT 2006-8T1 B2 12668BQX4
CWALT 2006-8T1 B3 12668BQY2
CWALT 2006-8T1 B4 12668BQZ9
CWALT 2006-8T1 B5 12668BRA3
CWALT 2006-9T1 A1 12668BVA8
CWALT 2006-9T1 A2 12668BVB6
CWALT 2006-9T1 A3 12668BVC4
CWALT 2006-9T1 A4 12668BVD2
CWALT 2006-9T1 A5 12668BVE0
CWALT 2006-9T1 A6 12668BVF7
CWALT 2006-9T1 A7 12668BVG5
CWALT 2006-9T1 A8 12668BVH3
CWALT 2006-9T1 A9 12668BVJ9
CWALT 2006-9T1 A10 12668BVK6
CWALT 2006-9T1 A11 12668BVL4
CWALT 2006-9T1 A12 12668BVM2
CWALT 2006-9T1 A13 12668BVN0
CWALT 2006-9T1 A14 12668BVP5
CWALT 2006-9T1 A15 12668BVQ3
CWALT 2006-9T1 A16 12668BVR1
CWALT 2006-9T1 X 12668BVS9
CWALT 2006-9T1 PO 12668BVT7
CWALT 2006-9T1 AR 12668BVU4
CWALT 2006-9T1 M 12668BVV2
CWALT 2006-9T1 B1 12668BVW0
CWALT 2006-9T1 B2 12668BVX8
CWALT 2006-9T1 B3 12668BWT6
CWALT 2006-9T1 B4 12668BWU3
CWALT 2006-9T1 B5 12668BWV1
CWALT 2006-HY10 1X 12668BA86
CWALT 2006-HY10 1A1 12668BUF8
CWALT 2006-HY10 1A2 12668BUG6
CWALT 2006-HY10 2A1 12668BUH4
CWALT 2006-HY10 2A2 12668BUJ0
CWALT 2006-HY10 3A1 12668BUK7
CWALT 2006-HY10 3A2 12668BUL5
CWALT 2006-HY10 4A1 12668BUM3
CWALT 2006-HY10 4A2 12668BUN1
CWALT 2006-HY10 AR 12668BUP6
CWALT 2006-HY10 M 12668BUQ4
CWALT 2006-HY10 B1 12668BUR2
CWALT 2006-HY10 B2 12668BUS0
CWALT 2006-HY10 B3 12668BUT8
CWALT 2006-HY10 B4 12668BUU5
CWALT 2006-HY10 B5 12668BUV3
CWALT 2006-HY10 P1 12668BUW1
CWALT 2006-HY10 P2 12668BUX9
CWALT 2006-HY10 P3 12668BUY7
CWALT 2006-HY10 P4 12668BUZ4
CWALT 2006-HY11 A1 021466AA5
CWALT 2006-HY11 A2 021466AB3
CWALT 2006-HY11 AR 021466AC1
CWALT 2006-HY11 M1 021466AD9
CWALT 2006-HY11 M2 021466AE7
CWALT 2006-HY11 M3 021466AF4
CWALT 2006-HY11 M4 021466AG2
CWALT 2006-HY11 M5 021466AH0
CWALT 2006-HY11 M6 021466AJ6
CWALT 2006-HY11 C 021466AK3
CWALT 2006-HY11 P 021466AL1
CWALT 2006-HY11 M7 021466AM9
CWALT 2006-HY11 M8 021466AN7
CWALT 2006-HY11 M9 021466AP2
CWALT 2006-HY11 M10 021466AQ0
CWALT 2006-HY11 M11 021466AR8
CWALT 2006-HY12 A2 02146PAB1
CWALT 2006-HY12 A3 02146PAC9
CWALT 2006-HY12 A4 02146PAD7
CWALT 2006-HY12 A4X 02146PAE5
CWALT 2006-HY12 A5 02146PAF2
CWALT 2006-HY12 A6 02146PAG0
CWALT 2006-HY12 A6X 02146PAH8
CWALT 2006-HY12 AR 02146PAJ4
CWALT 2006-HY12 M 02146PAK1
CWALT 2006-HY12 B1 02146PAL9
CWALT 2006-HY12 B2 02146PAM7
CWALT 2006-HY12 P 02146PAN5
CWALT 2006-HY12 B3 02146PAP0
CWALT 2006-HY12 B4 02146PAQ8
CWALT 2006-HY12 B5 02146PAR6
CWALT 2006-HY13 1A1 02149DAA7
CWALT 2006-HY13 1A2 02149DAB5
CWALT 2006-HY13 1A3 02149DAC3
CWALT 2006-HY13 2A1 02149DAD1
CWALT 2006-HY13 2A2 02149DAE9
CWALT 2006-HY13 22X 02149DAF6
CWALT 2006-HY13 2A3 02149DAG4
CWALT 2006-HY13 2AX 02149DAH2
CWALT 2006-HY13 3A1 02149DAJ8
CWALT 2006-HY13 3A2 02149DAK5
CWALT 2006-HY13 32X 02149DAL3
CWALT 2006-HY13 3A3 02149DAM1
CWALT 2006-HY13 4A1 02149DAN9
CWALT 2006-HY13 4A2 02149DAP4
CWALT 2006-HY13 AR 02149DAQ2
CWALT 2006-HY13 1M 02149DAR0
CWALT 2006-HY13 1B1 02149DAS8
CWALT 2006-HY13 1B2 02149DAT6
CWALT 2006-HY13 2M 02149DAU3
CWALT 2006-HY13 2B1 02149DAV1
CWALT 2006-HY13 2B2 02149DAW9
CWALT 2006-HY13 P1 02149DAX7
CWALT 2006-HY13 P2 02149DAY5
CWALT 2006-HY13 P3 02149DAZ2
CWALT 2006-HY13 P4 02149DBA6
CWALT 2006-HY13 1B3 02149DBB4
CWALT 2006-HY13 1B4 02149DBC2
CWALT 2006-HY13 1B5 02149DBD0
CWALT 2006-HY13 2B3 02149DBE8
CWALT 2006-HY13 2B4 02149DBF5
CWALT 2006-HY13 2B5 02149DBG3
CWALT 2006-HY13 2A4 02149DBH1
CWALT 2006-HY13 24X 02149DBJ7
CWALT 2006-HY13 2A5 02149DBK4
CWALT 2006-HY13 25X 02149DBL2
CWALT 2006-HY13 2A6 02149DBM0
CWALT 2006-HY13 26X 02149DBN8
CWALT 2006-HY13 2A7 02149DBP3
CWALT 2006-HY13 3A4 02149DBQ1
CWALT 2006-HY13 34X 02149DBR9
CWALT 2006-HY13 3A5 02149DBS7
CWALT 2006-HY13 35X 02149DBT5
CWALT 2006-HY13 3A6 02149DBU2
CWALT 2006-HY13 36X 02149DBV0
CWALT 2006-HY13 3A7 02149DBW8
CWALT 2006-HY13 4A3 02149DBX6
CWALT 2006-HY13 43X 02149DBY4
CWALT 2006-HY13 4A4 02149DBZ1
CWALT 2006-HY13 44X 02149DCA5
CWALT 2006-HY13 4A5 02149DCB3
CWALT 2006-HY13 45X 02149DCC1
CWALT 2006-HY13 4A6 02149DCD9
CWALT 2006-HY13 46X 02149DCE7
CWALT 2006-HY13 37X 02149DCF4
CWALT 2006-HY3 1A1 12668BNF6
CWALT 2006-HY3 1A2 12668BNG4
CWALT 2006-HY3 2A1 12668BNH2
CWALT 2006-HY3 2A2 12668BNJ8
CWALT 2006-HY3 3A1 12668BNK5
CWALT 2006-HY3 3A2 12668BNL3
CWALT 2006-HY3 AR 12668BNM1
CWALT 2006-HY3 M 12668BNN9
CWALT 2006-HY3 B1 12668BNP4
CWALT 2006-HY3 B2 12668BNQ2
CWALT 2006-HY3 P1 12668BNR0
CWALT 2006-HY3 P2 12668BNS8
CWALT 2006-HY3 P3 12668BNT6
CWALT 2006-HY3 B3 12668BNU3
CWALT 2006-HY3 B4 12668BNV1
CWALT 2006-HY3 B5 12668BNW9
CWALT 2006-J1 1A1 12668BJX2
CWALT 2006-J1 1A2 12668BJY0
CWALT 2006-J1 1A3 12668BJZ7
CWALT 2006-J1 1A4 12668BKA0
CWALT 2006-J1 1A5 12668BKB8
CWALT 2006-J1 1A6 12668BKC6
CWALT 2006-J1 1A7 12668BKD4
CWALT 2006-J1 1A8 12668BKE2
CWALT 2006-J1 1A9 12668BKF9
CWALT 2006-J1 1A10 12668BKG7
CWALT 2006-J1 1A11 12668BKH5
CWALT 2006-J1 1A12 12668BKJ1
CWALT 2006-J1 1A13 12668BKK8
CWALT 2006-J1 1X 12668BKL6
CWALT 2006-J1 2A1 12668BKM4
CWALT 2006-J1 2A2 12668BKN2
CWALT 2006-J1 2X 12668BKP7
CWALT 2006-J1 PO1 12668BKQ5
CWALT 2006-J1 PO2 12668BKR3
CWALT 2006-J1 AR 12668BKS1
CWALT 2006-J1 M 12668BKT9
CWALT 2006-J1 B1 12668BKU6
CWALT 2006-J1 B2 12668BKV4
CWALT 2006-J1 B3 12668BKW2
CWALT 2006-J1 B4 12668BKX0
CWALT 2006-J1 B5 12668BKY8
CWALT 2006-J1 P 12668BKZ5
CWALT 2006-J1 1A14 12668BMA8
CWALT 2006-J1 1A15 12668BMB6
CWALT 2006-J2 A1 12668BTD5
CWALT 2006-J2 A2 12668BTE3
CWALT 2006-J2 A3 12668BTF0
CWALT 2006-J2 A4 12668BTG8
CWALT 2006-J2 A5 12668BTH6
CWALT 2006-J2 A6 12668BTJ2
CWALT 2006-J2 A7 12668BTK9
CWALT 2006-J2 A8 12668BTL7
CWALT 2006-J2 A9 12668BTM5
CWALT 2006-J2 A10 12668BTN3
CWALT 2006-J2 A11 12668BTP8
CWALT 2006-J2 X 12668BTQ6
CWALT 2006-J2 PO 12668BTR4
CWALT 2006-J2 AR 12668BTS2
CWALT 2006-J2 M 12668BTT0
CWALT 2006-J2 B1 12668BTU7
CWALT 2006-J2 B2 12668BTV5
CWALT 2006-J2 B3 12668BTW3
CWALT 2006-J2 B4 12668BTX1
CWALT 2006-J2 B5 12668BTY9
CWALT 2006-J2 P 12668BTZ6
CWALT 2006-J3 1A1 021469AA9
CWALT 2006-J3 1A2 021469AB7
CWALT 2006-J3 1A3 021469AC5
CWALT 2006-J3 1A4 021469AD3
CWALT 2006-J3 1A5 021469AE1
CWALT 2006-J3 1A6 021469AF8
CWALT 2006-J3 2A1 021469AJ0
CWALT 2006-J3 3A1 021469AK7
CWALT 2006-J3 4A1 021469AL5
CWALT 2006-J3 4A2 021469AM3
CWALT 2006-J3 1X 021469AN1
CWALT 2006-J3 2X 021469AP6
CWALT 2006-J3 3X 021469AQ4
CWALT 2006-J3 PO1 021469AR2
CWALT 2006-J3 PO2 021469AS0
CWALT 2006-J3 PO4 021469AT8
CWALT 2006-J3 AR 021469AU5
CWALT 2006-J3 M 021469AV3
CWALT 2006-J3 B1 021469AW1
CWALT 2006-J3 B2 021469AX9
CWALT 2006-J3 B3 021469AY7
CWALT 2006-J3 B4 021469AZ4
CWALT 2006-J3 B5 021469BA8
CWALT 2006-J3 P 021469BB6
CWALT 2006-J3 4X 021469BD2
CWALT 2006-J4 1A1 23242WAA7
CWALT 2006-J4 1A2 23242WAB5
CWALT 2006-J4 1A3 23242WAC3
CWALT 2006-J4 1A4 23242WAD1
CWALT 2006-J4 1A5 23242WAE9
CWALT 2006-J4 1A6 23242WAF6
CWALT 2006-J4 1X 23242WAG4
CWALT 2006-J4 2A1 23242WAH2
CWALT 2006-J4 2A2 23242WAJ8
CWALT 2006-J4 2A3 23242WAK5
CWALT 2006-J4 2A4 23242WAL3
CWALT 2006-J4 2A5 23242WAM1
CWALT 2006-J4 2A6 23242WAN9
CWALT 2006-J4 2A7 23242WAP4
CWALT 2006-J4 2A8 23242WAQ2
CWALT 2006-J4 2A9 23242WAR0
CWALT 2006-J4 2A10 23242WAS8
CWALT 2006-J4 2A11 23242WAT6
CWALT 2006-J4 2A12 23242WAU3
CWALT 2006-J4 2A13 23242WAV1
CWALT 2006-J4 2X 23242WAW9
CWALT 2006-J4 PO1 23242WAX7
CWALT 2006-J4 PO2 23242WAY5
CWALT 2006-J4 AR 23242WAZ2
CWALT 2006-J4 M 23242WBA6
CWALT 2006-J4 B1 23242WBB4
CWALT 2006-J4 B2 23242WBC2
CWALT 2006-J4 B3 23242WBD0
CWALT 2006-J4 B4 23242WBE8
CWALT 2006-J4 B5 23242WBF5
CWALT 2006-J4 P 23242WBG3
CWALT 2006-J5 1A1 12668EAA5
CWALT 2006-J5 1A2 12668EAB3
CWALT 2006-J5 1A3 12668EAC1
CWALT 2006-J5 1A4 12668EAD9
CWALT 2006-J5 1A5 12668EAE7
CWALT 2006-J5 1A6 12668EAF4
CWALT 2006-J5 1X 12668EAG2
CWALT 2006-J5 2X 12668EAH0
CWALT 2006-J5 3A1 12668EAJ6
CWALT 2006-J5 4A1 12668EAK3
CWALT 2006-J5 PO1 12668EAL1
CWALT 2006-J5 PO2 12668EAM9
CWALT 2006-J5 AR 12668EAN7
CWALT 2006-J5 M 12668EAP2
CWALT 2006-J5 B1 12668EAQ0
CWALT 2006-J5 B2 12668EAR8
CWALT 2006-J5 2A1 12668EAS6
CWALT 2006-J5 P 12668EAT4
CWALT 2006-J5 B3 12668EAU1
CWALT 2006-J5 B4 12668EAV9
CWALT 2006-J5 B5 12668EAW7
CWALT 2006-J5 1A7 12668EAX5
CWALT 2006-J5 1A8 12668EAY3
CWALT 2006-J5 2A2 12668EAZ0
CWALT 2006-J6 A1 23244EAA5
CWALT 2006-J6 A2 23244EAB3
CWALT 2006-J6 A3 23244EAC1
CWALT 2006-J6 A4 23244EAD9
CWALT 2006-J6 A5 23244EAE7
CWALT 2006-J6 X 23244EAF4
CWALT 2006-J6 PO 23244EAG2
CWALT 2006-J6 M 23244EAJ6
CWALT 2006-J6 B1 23244EAK3
CWALT 2006-J6 B2 23244EAL1
CWALT 2006-J6 AR 23244EAM9
CWALT 2006-J6 B3 23244EAN7
CWALT 2006-J6 B4 23244EAP2
CWALT 2006-J6 B5 23244EAQ0
CWALT 2006-J6 A6 23244EAR8
CWALT 2006-J6 A7 23244EAS6
CWALT 2006-J6 P 23244EAT4
CWALT 2006-J7 2A1 23244FAA2
CWALT 2006-J7 2A2 23244FAB0
CWALT 2006-J7 2X1 23244FAC8
CWALT 2006-J7 2XA 23244FAD6
CWALT 2006-J7 2M1 23244FAE4
CWALT 2006-J7 2M2 23244FAF1
CWALT 2006-J7 2M3 23244FAG9
CWALT 2006-J7 2M4 23244FAH7
CWALT 2006-J7 2M5 23244FAJ3
CWALT 2006-J7 2M6 23244FAK0
CWALT 2006-J7 2M7 23244FAL8
CWALT 2006-J7 2M8 23244FAM6
CWALT 2006-J7 2M9 23244FAN4
CWALT 2006-J7 2M10 23244FAP9
CWALT 2006-J7 2M11 23244FAQ7
CWALT 2006-J7 2B1 23244FAR5
CWALT 2006-J7 2B2 23244FAS3
CWALT 2006-J7 2B3 23244FAT1
CWALT 2006-J7 2XB 23244FAU8
CWALT 2006-J7 1A1 23244FAV6
CWALT 2006-J7 1A2 23244FAW4
CWALT 2006-J7 1A3 23244FAX2
CWALT 2006-J7 1A4 23244FAY0
CWALT 2006-J7 1A5 23244FAZ7
CWALT 2006-J7 1A6 23244FBA1
CWALT 2006-J7 1A7 23244FBB9
CWALT 2006-J7 1A8 23244FBC7
CWALT 2006-J7 1A9 23244FBD5
CWALT 2006-J7 1A10 23244FBE3
CWALT 2006-J7 1A11 23244FBF0
CWALT 2006-J7 1A12 23244FBG8
CWALT 2006-J7 1A13 23244FBH6
CWALT 2006-J7 1PO 23244FBJ2
CWALT 2006-J7 1X 23244FBK9
CWALT 2006-J7 1M 23244FBL7
CWALT 2006-J7 1B1 23244FBM5
CWALT 2006-J7 1B2 23244FBN3
CWALT 2006-J7 1B3 23244FBP8
CWALT 2006-J7 1B4 23244FBQ6
CWALT 2006-J7 1B5 23244FBR4
CWALT 2006-J7 1P 23244FBS2
CWALT 2006-J7 2P 23244FBT0
CWALT 2006-J7 1AR 23244FBU7
CWALT 2006-J7 2AR 23244FBV5
CWALT 2006-J8 A1 23245LAA8
CWALT 2006-J8 A2 23245LAB6
CWALT 2006-J8 A3 23245LAC4
CWALT 2006-J8 A4 23245LAD2
CWALT 2006-J8 A5 23245LAE0
CWALT 2006-J8 A6 23245LAF7
CWALT 2006-J8 A7 23245LAG5
CWALT 2006-J8 A8 23245LAH3
CWALT 2006-J8 A9 23245LAJ9
CWALT 2006-J8 A10 23245LAK6
CWALT 2006-J8 A11 23245LAL4
CWALT 2006-J8 A12 23245LAM2
CWALT 2006-J8 A13 23245LAN0
CWALT 2006-J8 A14 23245LAP5
CWALT 2006-J8 A15 23245LAQ3
CWALT 2006-J8 A16 23245LAR1
CWALT 2006-J8 A17 23245LAS9
CWALT 2006-J8 A18 23245LAT7
CWALT 2006-J8 A19 23245LAU4
CWALT 2006-J8 A20 23245LAV2
CWALT 2006-J8 A21 23245LAW0
CWALT 2006-J8 A22 23245LAX8
CWALT 2006-J8 A23 23245LAY6
CWALT 2006-J8 X 23245LAZ3
CWALT 2006-J8 PO 23245LBA7
CWALT 2006-J8 AR 23245LBB5
CWALT 2006-J8 M 23245LBC3
CWALT 2006-J8 B1 23245LBD1
CWALT 2006-J8 B2 23245LBE9
CWALT 2006-J8 B3 23245LBF6
CWALT 2006-J8 B4 23245LBG4
CWALT 2006-J8 B5 23245LBH2
CWALT 2006-J8 P 23245LBJ8
CWALT 2006-J8 A24 23245LBK5
CWALT 2006-J8 A25 23245LBL3
CWALT 2006-OA1 1X 126694A24
CWALT 2006-OA1 2A1 126694A32
CWALT 2006-OA1 2A2 126694A40
CWALT 2006-OA1 2A3 126694A57
CWALT 2006-OA1 M1 126694A65
CWALT 2006-OA1 M2 126694A73
CWALT 2006-OA1 M3 126694A81
CWALT 2006-OA1 M4 126694A99
CWALT 2006-OA1 M5 126694B23
CWALT 2006-OA1 M6 126694B31
CWALT 2006-OA1 M7 126694B49
CWALT 2006-OA1 M8 126694B56
CWALT 2006-OA1 M9 126694B64
CWALT 2006-OA1 B1 126694B72
CWALT 2006-OA1 B2 126694B80
CWALT 2006-OA1 B3 126694B98
CWALT 2006-OA1 AR 126694C22
CWALT 2006-OA1 2X 126694C30
CWALT 2006-OA1 P1 126694C48
CWALT 2006-OA1 1A1 126694ZX9
CWALT 2006-OA1 1A2 126694ZY7
CWALT 2006-OA1 1A3 126694ZZ4
CWALT 2006-OA10 2A1 02146QAB9
CWALT 2006-OA10 3A1 02146QAC7
CWALT 2006-OA10 4A1 02146QAD5
CWALT 2006-OA10 XNB 02146QAE3
CWALT 2006-OA10 XBI 02146QAF0
CWALT 2006-OA10 XBJ 02146QAG8
CWALT 2006-OA10 XPP 02146QAH6
CWALT 2006-OA10 XAD 02146QAJ2
CWALT 2006-OA10 AR 02146QAK9
CWALT 2006-OA10 M1 02146QAL7
CWALT 2006-OA10 M2 02146QAM5
CWALT 2006-OA10 M3 02146QAN3
CWALT 2006-OA10 M4 02146QAP8
CWALT 2006-OA10 M5 02146QAQ6
CWALT 2006-OA10 M6 02146QAR4
CWALT 2006-OA10 M7 02146QAS2
CWALT 2006-OA10 C 02146QAT0
CWALT 2006-OA10 P1 02146QAU7
CWALT 2006-OA10 P2 02146QAV5
CWALT 2006-OA10 P3 02146QAW3
CWALT 2006-OA10 P4 02146QAX1
CWALT 2006-OA10 RX 02146QAY9
CWALT 2006-OA10 1A2 02146QAZ6
CWALT 2006-OA10 1A3 02146QBA0
CWALT 2006-OA10 2A2 02146QBB8
CWALT 2006-OA10 2A3 02146QBC6
CWALT 2006-OA10 3A2 02146QBD4
CWALT 2006-OA10 3A3 02146QBE2
CWALT 2006-OA10 4A2 02146QBF9
CWALT 2006-OA10 4A3 02146QBG7
CWALT 2006-OA11 A1A 02147DAA9
CWALT 2006-OA11 A1B 02147DAB7
CWALT 2006-OA11 A1C 02147DAC5
CWALT 2006-OA11 A2 02147DAD3
CWALT 2006-OA11 A3A 02147DAE1
CWALT 2006-OA11 M1 02147DAF8
CWALT 2006-OA11 M2 02147DAG6
CWALT 2006-OA11 M3 02147DAH4
CWALT 2006-OA11 M4 02147DAJ0
CWALT 2006-OA11 M5 02147DAK7
CWALT 2006-OA11 M6 02147DAL5
CWALT 2006-OA11 M7 02147DAM3
CWALT 2006-OA11 M8 02147DAN1
CWALT 2006-OA11 C 02147DAP6
CWALT 2006-OA11 P 02147DAQ4
CWALT 2006-OA11 AR 02147DAR2